The mama was spot on with this one and it's time to go back to your childhood - you'll likely improve your testosterone levels by a good 20-30%. Apnea sufferers have their testosterone decreased by 50% or more and find that correcting the apnea, along with losing weight, can generally improve their testosterone almost back to previous levels. While not as extreme, other sleep disorders or lack of sleep can drop testosterone very significantly as well. Modern living leaves most of us watching TV late at night or sitting at our computers until the wee hours. Besides taking us away from that all-important REM sleep, it also disturbs our melatonin production which is critical for restful sleep. Why is sleep so critical for those who want to improve their testosterone levels? It is because during the wee hours of the morning testosterone is released following pulses of luteinizing hormone. The more sleep, the more of these pulses and the more testosterone that is able to enter your system. 2) Competition. Science does not currently understand how the mind so dramatically affects testosterone levels - they just know it does. And that's all you need to know as well. The bottom line is that as a guy you need challenges, victories and competitions. It doesn't have to be cage fighting - almost anything will do. The research shows that even the anticipation or expectation of competition can significantly increase testosterone. In fact, you can Testo Boost X expect testosterone improvement of 20-30% or more through mental means such as this. Remember also that males in particular need to win sometimes. Losing can lower testosterone. So, while you don't want to be one of those annoying people that only does what he can win, you do want to insure that you are not getting trounced every time at what you do. Find sporting events, competitions - research shows it can even be chess! - and anything else where you can win a reasonable amount of the time and you can count on optimizing and very likely improving your testosterone. 


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