There are several exercises that you can do to work these muscles. 1. Squats: By holding on to the back of a chair and squatting down as far as you can go this will inevitably build gluteus muscles. 2. Kicks: Holding on to the same chair that you used to do the squats kick your legs, one at a time, side to side. Next kick them back. Keep repeating these every day, gradually increasing the repetitions each day. 3. Stairs: Walking up stairs will help in working your booty muscles. You can use a set of stairs or get a stair stepper to use during your normal workout routine. Either way will be just as effective. B) Eat right A bigger booty can't be gained by exercise alone. Eating the right foods is Apex Booty important in building those muscles. When eating to build muscle you will need to take in lots of protein and a minimal amount of fat and carbohydrates. If you have to eat pasta or bread try whole grains. There are no quick fixes on how to increase butt size, but with a bit of hard work you will be able to make your booty bigger. One of the most exciting times for new parents is when they begin to prepare for the coming of their new bundle of joy. Outfitting the little guy with a new wardrobe, including baby booties and eventually baby shoes, can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task, but a task most new parents love. If the new baby is lucky enough to have a grandma, auntie or doting neighbor who can crochet or knit, perhaps some handmade items will be coming his way. But if not, there are many exciting booties available in all the baby shops out there today. Baby booties should be warm, snugly, and of course, cute! Look for ones with a top that will stay up when baby kicks those tiny toes. A bootie that winds up at the bottom of the bed instead of staying on those wee feet obviously isn't doing its job. A top that can be folded down into a cuff is also a good choice. If your baby happens to be a preemie or has just really tiny feet, finding a well-fitting bootie can sometimes be difficult. Don't forget to look at baby socks as well as traditional booties as that may be a good alternative. Probably due to the cuteness factor, some moms have an urge to put shoes on a small baby.