Huai'an Deke code project a total investment of 15 billion yuan, one for an annual output of 240,000 12-inch semiconductor chip fab. The project to design the image sensor chip design, manufacturing-based, built to fill the Chinese sensor independent chip design, manufacturing blank. China is the world's largest Sensor chip consumer, image sensor (CIS) is the only market in addition to CPU and memory market more than 10 billion dollars in annual sales of products, is the next five years the fastest growing market, widely used in smart phones, smart cars , AR / VR, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, Internet of things, security monitoring, sports cameras and other consumer electronics and industrial electronics.

    The opening ceremony of the main plant closure and design R \u0026 D center of Huai'an Deke Code Semiconductor Co., Ltd. not only won the most important 'hardware' results, but also broadcast the most important 'software' seeds, which is both an important node and a new starting point.

   In recent years, Huaiyin closely around the 'new industry cluster' goal, vigorously implement the 'ten hundred thousand' project, the main three billion projects, cultivate four billion industry, continue to increase Huaiyin industry development of new advantages, Project settled, accelerate the transformation of the industry, promote the development of the upgrade. Among them, the German code semiconductor project is an outstanding representative. The project is Huaiyin main one of the three billion projects, is one of the four billion industry Suction Control Valve  in the semiconductor industry, one of the leading enterprises, large-scale investment, high technology content, to improve the industrial structure of high-tech zones, bigger and stronger semiconductor industry Park, the region's implementation of scientific and technological innovation strategy to promote the development of the semiconductor industry, have an important role in promoting.

    With the Deke code, the era of core memory, Ochang Shunchang, Na Peisi and a number of well-known enterprises settled, so Huaian station to the forefront of the semiconductor industry, with participation in international industrial competition and cooperation conditions for the city's electronic information Industry into a high-end, enhance the competitiveness of a strong impetus. As a major project of billions of dollars, Huai'an Deke code semiconductor from the start to the main plant cap and design research and development center unveiled, only a short period of more than a year. Sincerely hope that Deke code company aimed at 'world-class, leading domestic' target positioning, while accelerating the construction of the project at the same time, adhere to innovation-led, deepen scientific and technological cooperation, build research and development platform, gather high-end talent, focus on promoting product development, Innovation and scientific research achievements into the application, and actively seize the Temperature Sensor commanding heights of industry development, boost Huai'an innovation and industrial upgrading and upgrading. Hope Huaiyin District, the city directly related departments adhering to the 'shop two' spirit and '101%' service concept, increase service support and policy support for the development of the project to create the most favorable environment.