The company is established in 2006, is a clean passenger diesel engine and automatic transmission as the main product of the auto parts business. Netcom was informed from the official Huatai Automobile, by the European-German independent research Sensor and development of the first 1.5T small-displacement turbocharged gasoline engine in Huatai Ordos base off the assembly line. This 1.5T engine will be available in October, the first to carry in Huatai automotive products, and exports of Pakistan, Iran and other West Asian countries.

   The off-line gasoline engine code for the OED4G15T, integrated VVT, small inertia exhaust turbocharged, aluminum-magnesium alloy and manifold lightweight design technology, the high rolling airway and special combustion chamber processing and electronic control system can be So that the engine power up to 75 kilowatts or more, the peak torque of 225 Nm. Which the engine at 1500 r / min can achieve more than 95% torque output, to enhance Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the engine in the low speed range of power performance, taking into account the smooth running and fuel economy.

   According to the plan, the European-German power will be based on the 1.5L displacement platform, simultaneously developed R \u0026 D capacity of 55-95 kilowatts of the country Ⅴ above gasoline engine to meet the future A / B class car, low and high grade SUV, MPV and Pickup, light passenger and other models of powertrain matching needs. At the same time to meet the future Speed Sensor more stringent emission regulations and fuel consumption standards, Ou Germany also planned a hybrid gasoline engine, can achieve different levels of oil and electricity mixing, which also for the future of Huatai Automobile new energy product layout to provide technical reserves and technology bedding.