With the policy and the market boost, China's new energy and intelligent network development gradually from the ideal to industrialization. But the face of two new technology situation, whether it is the entire automotive industry or business, there is no fixed model can learn from, so there will be a unique domestic diversified technology line coexistence situation, such as Sensor new energy vehicles in the electric, plug Electric hybrid, fuel cell vehicles, etc., have their own advantages, but there is no absolute ruler. The intelligent network is more rapid progress, all kinds of technology research and development to all levels, and a single product of different companies choose different technical routes are also different. For a long time, for the future development of the two technologies and the impact of industry policy, the industry has never stopped between the discussion, debate, exchange.

In recent years, from the car sales and other aspects of already see the rise of its own brand car prices, and the increasing investment in R \u0026 D enterprises, the number of R \u0026 D personnel, quality and intellectual property rights have improved. The new energy and intelligent network for the global market, are emerging technologies, in this regard the national technology road map is constantly planning and improvement, and the relevant support policies have been announced, to 'Dongfeng', many Traditional car prices and some cross-border repairer enterprises Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor have to layout, to meet the general trend of the market. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, in addition to electric vehicles, zero emissions, inflatable convenience, endurance capacity of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles gradually by the state and business concerns. In the future of automotive energy, hydrogen fuel and electricity will complement each other to jointly support the development of new energy automotive industry.

Although the current fuel cell vehicle development situation is good, rapid growth. Market capital can not blindly pour into the fuel cell market because of the policy. China's fuel cell vehicle development has a lot of congenital deficiencies, gas stations, high concentrations of hydrogen energy manufacturing plants, etc. Infrastructure is still not implemented in place, in the case of congenital lack of love, blind development may lead to fuel cell The development of automobile malformations. Therefore, the fuel cell car market needs more investors patience. Only for the fuel cell car to form a healthy market environment, in order to ensure the healthy growth of fuel cell vehicles. With the new energy vehicles, especially plug-in hybrid and the rapid development of electric vehicles, in addition to batteries, electric drive technology research and development and upgrading Temperature Sensor of the car prices and between the focus of the start. Modern electric vehicle electric drive system consists of four major components: drive motors, transmissions, power converters and controllers. The drive motor is the core of the electrical drive system, its performance and efficiency directly affect the performance of electric vehicles.

  From the global automotive industry development point of view, has now entered the intelligent network of practical development of the stage of competition. Intelligent network car still need to overcome the environmental awareness, intelligent decision-making, collaborative production and other core key technologies. At the same time, sensors, automotive terminals, operating systems and other R \u0026 D and industrialization is still urgent to be strengthened. At present, the major companies are concentrating efforts to increase the intensity of intelligent network of R \u0026 D. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises and cooperation continue to occur ... ... whether it is autonomous or network-type smart car, whether it is fuel cell or pure electric vehicles, whether it is policy support or mandatory guidance, whether the business is passive or active attack , Intelligent networking and new energy future industry trend already exists. Benevolent see benevolent wise see the wisdom Throttle Position Sensor of the above reporters on-site excerpts of the views of the industry is only a point of view, and the new technology situation is in this exploration, collision, communication presents a new state.