Czech Republic is a modern group's high-end brand, set up in 2015. Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. registered in China, 'Czech Republic' trademark, and its four SUV models GV60, GV70 and GV80, GV90 also Sensor in the registry. Beijing Hyundai has said: Beijing Hyundai is expected to introduce the Czech Republic brand, improve the product chain, enhance product grade. Registered four SUVs or stepping stones for the Czech Republic.
    The predecessor of the predecessor of Hyundai is a high-end car name, independent of 2015, and become a modern group of luxury brands. Unlike Toyota's Lexus, Nissan's Infiniti and other luxury brands, one built into the global market, the Czech Republic in the brewing after ten years, only to carry fuel metering valve the responsibility of the Korean luxury brand. Beijing Hyundai previously released a 'high-end, large-scale, intelligent' product strategy. After the introduction of the Czech Republic will fill the Korean luxury brand in this area of ​​vacancies.

   In April 2017, the Czech Republic GV80 concept car officially unveiled, indicating the production version of the GV80 SUV overall design, GV60, GV70 and GV90 future is also expected to adopt this family design style. The Czech Republic GV80 concept car adopts inverted trapezoidal large-sized air intake grille, which is reticulated inside, and is chrome-plated. The new car interior with brown and gray-based colors, with two rows of four independent seat layout.

   There are three cars in the overseas market. GV60, GV70, GV80 and GV90 are positioned from compact SUV to large SUV. From the information published by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it can Temperature Sensor be seen that the trademarks of 'Tynes' and 'GV60, GV70, GV80 and GV90' registered by Hyundai Motor Co. are currently pending.