The Verizon Communications is one the leading telecommunication giants of the United States. Verizon is a complete solution provider for internet, email and telephony service provider. When you ask for a complete communication solution in America; Verizon will be one of those promising names.


You can get your own, exclusive email account with Verizon email services and can access it anywhere. You have a freedom to configure it in your mobile device app and get instant updates with your email account.


Verizon email services are promising yet, some technical glitch creates problems. Sometimes, using the correct email address and password; you are unable to access it. This is really irritating and the user feels helpless. Well, this can be fixed easily with the help of these tips.


“I can't sign in or access my email; how can I get back the access to my Verizon email account.”

The problem or issue for not able to sign in to your Verizon email account could be only when you are using an incorrect email address or password. You need to make sure to use the correct email address and respective password. You should also check whether you have changed your Verizon email account’s password in the recent past or not.

If you did, then try to use the latest password.


When you are unable to recall, your Verizon email account password you can use the Forgot Password link and verify your account for recovery. This will verify your account and then will guide you for resetting the password.

When you are not sure about your account’s ID name; you can get it recovered using “Forgot My User ID” link Simply follow the instructions and get your USER ID for Verizon. Using the correct email address and password is the way to get access of your Verizon account.


“I can view email in Outlook but not in the Message Center and Webmail; this is again a usual problem with Verizon users.”

This could be possible when your Outlook email settings have been configured to automatically remove emails from the Verizon server, the moment you download and view email using your Outlook.


Whenever you will open email messages, they are downloaded to that particular computer where you configured Outlook, so those mails will be removed from the Verizon server. You cannot access those deleted mails from any other computer or via the Web. You can simply sort this issue by disabling this feature. If you find it difficult to do so; you can call Verizon customer support toll-free number for any instant help.