If I were ever diagnosed with any kind of cancer that I would be strong enough to just say, "No" to chemo or radiation. Frankly, I would rather simply live my life as best I could until the end. That's just the way I feel about it...plus, I'm never quite sure any diagnosis would be completely correct. I've been misdiagnosed before on other things that had me rushed to the ER in an unresponsive state. I was treated to asthma for years, until finally, a year ago I was told that I borderline diabetic. I refused their prescribed medication..."cold turkey"dropped all sweets and sugars from my diet (except local honey), lost from 196 to 171, and feel fine. Even the asthma that I had for 40+ years no longer bothers me. So, perhaps I would be strong enough to just say "No" to chemo and/or radiation.

Please tell me more about your health situation. ~smile~