So far, we can see most of the research and theory about the connected car, only taking into account the situation of vehicles traveling on the road. But some people want to park the ability Sensor to park the vehicle also unearthed. IBM researchers are trying to park the vehicle and become a 'powerful data platform' capable of detecting gas leaks, looking for criminals, and helping others find parking spaces. In the future, body sensors can even help you find lost pets.

   On a global scale, many vehicles carry a wide range of sensors and digital functions. Parked vehicles than the vehicle on the road has the exact location, the car itself has a power supply. Therefore, they are most suitable for playing the role of infrastructure, to supplement the needs of the public. As a result, parking vehicles can become part of the data platform and the Internet.

    For people around the gas storage center, gas leaks are a huge and dangerous thing. People living in the Porter pasture in California have found a leak in the storage center of the Southern Gas Company. If each vehicle is equipped with a gas sensor, then the relevant departments can immediately find Suction Control Valve the gas leak situation. The gas sensor is also IBM in Dublin test four network car sensor application program. The sensor that parked the vehicle can also enhance the security system. If you have a motion detection sensor on your car, you can monitor any activity around you after opening at night. When the surrounding house alarm sounded, the car on the camera will start recording the screen. Parked vehicles can also help find parking spaces. This feature is not just to find a random space, equipped with sensory sensors and networking, the vehicle can help you find the most suitable vehicle parking spaces. Some parking spaces are suitable for small cars, some suitable for people who need special care (the elderly, disabled, etc.), and some will be closer to the supermarket or hospital.

    Connected cars can also find lost pets or other items. If the dog's collar has a passive, no power supply identification device, then the vehicle around Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor his place will be able to identify and help to find. Although the parked vehicles will give the city, such as congestion, space and other issues, but this is why they should be applied as much as possible reasons.

    A high-end car will be configured with a similar phone configuration, you can also install more devices on top. You can do more in the car than just use the phone. If a sensor in the vehicle fails, it does not affect the use of the vehicle. The life cycle of each car is about 8 to 9 years, so the application Pressure Sensor of these technologies can be updated more frequently. Parking vehicles can also be applied to developing countries, and these countries often need to improve the infrastructure construction.

  The networked car has a camera, a motion sensor and other data collection devices. By 2020, every 10 vehicles, there are nine with networking capabilities. The car is everywhere, that's the biggest potential.