This morning I changed the group picture to show a nice rustic cottage with Autumn leaves all around. I know it is still early for fall but it is my favorite season. I am thinking of the cozy possibilities today.

My son moved to a larger place about 6 months ago. He has a really large bedroom. Originally we divided the space to create a hobby area. Recently he bought some large Ikea shelf units to use as room dividers. I will be bringing home two older shelf units that my son no longer needs when I go there later this month. They are such good storage pieces. I could do almost anything with them but I have lots of books still in boxes from my move a couple of years ago. I think maybe I will create a reading nook. This got me to thinking about the possibilities in my living room. My living room is a basically unused space. We do most things in the family room/kitchen.  Whether I am using a kindle or going the old fashioned route with paper books a reading nook just needs a good chair and decent lighting to be an inviting space. 

Here are some pictures that I found while looking for ideas for my space.

From the looks of it I will need a nice ottoman, some pillows and a throw.

I think I can do this for free in a day probably(not counting unboxing those books time).