I sit and brainstorm, trying to figure out why, as smart as I am, I am not fabulously wealthy yet. I have summised that it's because everyone else has already stolen all the good ideas and I am going to have to come up with a doozie if I am gonna get rich.

I live out in the country, and I have dogs, my sister has dogs (which defected from my house to hers) and we all love the animals.

I love them, but they can be sneaky little beasts at times and they have the strangest taste buds I have ever encountered. Maybe it's the ones I have encountered personally, but I don't think so. 

You know how at the worst, most embarrasing moments, a pooch will always come running through the house with a pair of someones undies in it's mouth like it has a giant porterhouse and how dare you not agree?

Well, in one of my delusional states, I had this great idea of making a chamois type rawhide panty liner so that you could save your drawers and give the pups what they are craving.. Namely the taste of butt. Now this may sound gross, but they tend to do this rather we like it or not, so I just thought, there might actually be someone crazy enough to purchase such an item, if there were someone crazy enough (moi) to invent it. So here it is Sharktank.... any takers?