Firstly we discuss some points after that we explain the technology that can help you if hearing loss hurting your life.


What is Hearing Loss:-


Problem in hearing the sound is known as Hearing Loss. Hearing Loss is also known as the hearing impairment. This problem occurs due to the high volume. If someone hears the sound at a high volume, chances of hearing loss increases.


Hearing Loss is the disability that occurs due to the high volume or due to the increase age.


Symptoms of Hearing Loss:-


1. Hearing the music at high volume.

2. Avoid the social activities.

3. Asking others to speak at loudly.

4. Problem in understanding the words.

5. Muffling of speech



Some of the newest Technology that helps the Hearing Loss people in hearing the sound:-


1. Hearing Assistive Technology

2. Resound Technology



1. Hearing Assistive Technology:- Hearing Assistive technology is also known as the HAT. This technology helps in the various listening situations. Some of the situations in which the hearing aids or implant does not work. In such situations these technologies helps people to solve the problem of hearing loss.These technologies are designed to enhance the telephone communication, TV reception, contains an effective smoke alarm and helps in listening the sound on public place.

If you feel that you are having some problem in hearing the sound then you will have to go to the audiologist. Audiologist provide you the suggestion according to your hearing loss.


As we know there are 3 kinds of hearing loss. Solution of these hearing loss are also different.


2. Resound Technology:- The resound technology lets the pair of the hearing aids with an iPhone app and the users can adjust their setting through an iPhone app or by using this technology and take the help of their audiologist.



Audiologist use the cloud technology to make changes to an app or to download the new settings to an iPhone app, which in turn alters how the patients device work.


This technology provides the control of hearing aids to the patients. According to their need they can adjust the volume. It also provides the Telephone communication.


This level of technology is not comfortable for everyone. So the patients can take the help of the audiologists.