When was the last time you heard anyone say anything remotely negative about electric cars? All you ever hear about is how they're going to magically save the planet. Once you dig a little deeper it's easy to see everything they say isn't actually true.

It's not to say electric cars aren't a great invention with the ability to make our environment greener. They're just not so eco-friendly as companies like Tesla would have you believe. Here are a few basic examples that prove EVs aren't 100 percent green.


We're Burning Lots Of Harmful Coal

A lot of people seem to think electricity appears out of thin air. In reality, it's created using the fossil fuels we hope to eliminate by abandoning gas-powered cars. Most of the electricity will come from burning huge amounts of coal.

The power stations where the electricity comes from will be sending an enormous amount of dangerous emissions into the atmosphere. It's only once it's sitting inside your car battery you can call electricity a green fuel source.


Moving Towards Using Natural Gas

There is only one immediate solution to our coal problem. It will involve using another fossil fuel, but natural gas is much cleaner. Unfortunately it's still not environmentally-friendly with methane being the issue.

You'll know it's harmful because everyone talks about cows sending it into the sky when they break wind. It's always going to leak from power plants, any pipes carrying it, plus the spot where it comes out of the ground.


Extracting Metals From The Earth

One great thing about your average car is how easily you can build lots of them. You don't have to look hard to find the materials because we've got everything. It's a big benefit we've seen from our hard work recycling for years.

Electric cars are different because we'll need to extract rare metals to build them. The machines needed to do this will burn an unknown amount of fuel, which will increase if everyone is supposed to eventually own an EV.


EV Batteries Are Not Very Nice

The battery you'll get in your electric car will hurt the environment in a double attack. We'll start with the fact they're toxic, so you can expect acid and mercury to eventually get into our water along with other horrible chemicals.

A EV battery isn't going to last very long, so they essentially cause twice the damage or more. If there was some way to dispose of the batteries in an eco-friendly way it wouldn't be so bad, but it's obvious that will never happen.


Building All The New EV Stations

This is similar to the problems we face building the cars in the first place. Instead of harming the environment extracting metals from the ground, we'll be doing it by building EV stations and they're already on the rise everywhere.

It's hard to predict how many we'll ultimately need if electric cars are going to be used all around the globe, so we're talking about building lots of stations. You can't forget each one will need to be repaired when broken too.


The Problems Facing Lots Of Cities

If you knew how to save fuel you'd be surprised by how long it could actually last, especially if you had reserves in your garage. It would easily help you through a rough time like a power outage when there wouldn't be any other way to acquire gasoline.

Although we've maybe only thought about ourselves, power outages are a reality for many cities every single day. How will they get around if they don't have access to electricity? It's hard to see why some countries would give up gasoline cars.


It's Easy To Ignore The Lies

Electric car manufacturers might have been twisting the truth, but it's not like anyone is going to care. Only a small handful of people decided to come up with the idea of an EV anyway. The rest of us would have been quite happy to keep using our gas-powered cars.

It means nothing we've talked about today will affect your life. Even though it will have an affect on the environment it's better than the alternative. Maybe some day in the future we really will have the power to create a 100 percent green way to drive around.