Now more and more people buy a car car, has become one of the three standard pieces, but the saying goes, 'often in the river station, where there is no flutter Street', driver's license on the 12 points, many The number of people on the road Sensor in the number of strokes, for the traffic regulation of the penalty is still 'a look of trouble', and now most of the test driver's license are C1 / C2 driver's license, driving school are almost all of these two test-based driver's license, Day driving a lot of people have ignored the different driver's license corresponding to quasi-driving type, that I will open ok, but in fact there are many restrictions, to C as an example, C1 quasi-driving type: small cars, mini-passenger Car and light, mini-truck, light, small, mini-special work vehicles, C2, C3, C4 models. But the following is the deduction of these 12 points behavior.

 ① not all cars can open: some luxury models more than 6 meters in length (Maybach 62s, Lincoln longer car this) is also the same can not be opened; another test of the C2 driver's license friends, can only drive automatic quasi-driving vehicles , These cases were caught that 12 minutes to Bye-Bye;

 ② not all blue cars can be opened: the state provides the total quality of 4.5 tons (excluding) the following number of trucks and occupants (except drivers) in 20 (not included) and the body length of 6 meters (not Including the following car to install the blue card, so if your driver's license is C card, you can not open more than 9 blue card car;

 ③C1 can not open the motorcycle: Do you think you can drive a car can open motorcycles, of course, not so good things, no matter what type of motorcycle, as long as the quasi-driving type does not meet the same is not enough.

   People on the table will never be a good thing this wine, and in recent years on the drunk driving accident is not uncommon, the traffic police department of this punishment is the next ruthless hand, drunk driving is strictly prohibited, regardless of the amount of less, and the punishment is also There are clear that you can not send 12 points also sent himself into the. This accident after the escape, purely their own search for the crime, whether it is Suction Control Valve the responsibility of each other or your responsibility, even if the accident escaped, will be punished with 12 points punishment, the other traffic accident and escape and cause casualties, Be held criminally responsible, and by the public security organs traffic management department revoked motor vehicle driver's license, and life may not re-obtain a motor vehicle driver's license.

      Of course not the case, speed itself is illegal, and most of the domestic traffic accidents caused by speeding, for the speeding of the penalties for different models of China has clearly defined, often see some owners inexplicably received some illegal buckle Points, in fact, these are false fake card out of the ghost, so many owners were pit. However, these owners can not be too lucky, the use of forged, altered motor vehicle license plate (deck), driving license, driver's license, school bus signs or the use fuel metering valve of other motor vehicle license plate, driving permit verification, will be directly deducted 12 points. And those who did not block the number plate, no suspension number plate, defaced number plate, road traffic safety regulations clearly defined, not in accordance with the provisions of the same is subject to deduction of 12 points. In addition to remind the rain and snow season, before the best check in the license plate has been blocked, and some remember to polish the license plate and then on the road, do not give white 12 points ah.
   According to the 'motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use of' Chapter V of the first section of Article 68 provides that motor vehicle drivers in a scoring cycle accumulated score of 12 points, the public security organs traffic management departments should detain their machine Motor vehicle driver 's license. It shall go to the traffic management department of the public security organ at the place where the motor vehicle driver's license is issued or the illegal traffic shall participate in the seven-day road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge. In addition, if you are like the above accident escaped or drunk driving situation so there is a long time can not get a driver's license. After the expiration of the study, the driver will re-conduct the road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge exams within 20 days. The pass marks passed will be cleared, and the driver's license will be refused to study and test. Will be disabled.

   Driving environment is also complex, traffic regulation is also very strict, the driver's license is only 12 points, and above mentioned these violations of the consequences are more serious, this is not just deducted 12 points of things, these rules Temperature Sensor are bound every A driver, but also hope that each car owners continue to improve the quality of driving, so that these points become a difficult task.