Cure depression – lack of sleep is one of the major causes of depression. Person suffering from insomnia is much more likely to suffer from depression than any normal person.  At the same time having a good sleep makes you feel much more relaxed and freshen your mind and body.

Affect your immune system – a person with improper sleep is much more likely to suffer from diabetes and heart attack.  While proper sleep help to repair your body while you are sleeping

Makes you productive – have you ever noticed you feel drowsy and gets irritated very soon when you haven’t slept enough for the day. That’s just not you but person suffering from lack of sleep generally get angry an irritated quickly and hence affect your productivity.

Heal your body – as we said earlier, lack of sleep not just effects your body but while you are sleeping your body also repair itself.  That’s the reason why we feel refreshed after sleep.

How to get better sleep

Try different types of pillows – If you are suffering from an injury or just not comfortable with your pillow, then changing your pillow is a good idea. For pregnancy or back pain injury body pillows are very much recommended. They come in different shapes and size.

Say no to caffeine – caffeine is known to keep you awake, drinking caffeine 2 hours before sleep is not a good idea, neither drinking alcohol. Try to avoid both of them before going to sleep.

Workout early in the morning – workout is considered great for your body. But don’t work out 4 hour before you sleep.  It is also recommended to work under the sun. so your body sets itself to nature’s cycle.