Just like any vehicle, routine maintenance will keep your motorhome running more efficiently, can reduce overall costs, and can keep you on the road for years to come. Here are 5 basic maintenance tips that you should consider when taking care of your motorhome:

1. Toilet paper: What kind of toilet paper are you using? Sure, you may have your favorite brand that you use at home, or maybe you just pick up whatever is cheapest. But you really out to be using biodegradable RV toilet paper. Why? It helps to keep your waste water system running in top condition. The last thing you need is to have your waste system shut down and cutting your next trip short, not to mention costly repairs.

2. Tire pressure: Just like with cars and trucks, checking your tire pressure regularly is key to improving gas mileage and the overall life of your tires. How often should you check the tire pressure? Before every trip you take, or if you are on the road for a while, at least once a week. While you are checking the tires, make sure that the lug nuts are nice and tight as well.

3. Battery care: There are two important tips for keeping your motorhome battery in good condition. First, you should remove the battery whenever you are in cold temperatures are the vehicle is not in use. If you don't use your RV during the winter months and live in a cold clime, remove the battery and keep it stored indoors where it won't be subject to freezing and breaking. Secondly, you should check your batteries before every long trip. The last thing you need is to have the battery die in the middle of a long trip and you are nowhere near a maintenance facility. A quality battery should last for 3 to 5 years, so make sure that you keep the warranty handy in the case of early battery termination.

4. Maintenance Logbook: How many times have you asked yourself, "when did I get this or that repaired?" Rather than rely on your memory for repairs, keep a logbook of all scheduled maintenance, repairs and anything else that you do to service your motorhome. Find a logbook that either has a sleeve or folder in which to store receipts and warranty papers. There is nothing worse than knowing that an item is still under warranty but you simply cannot find the warranty papers. You can refer to your logbook whenever you think that routine maintenance is needed, and you can even save yourself money by avoiding duplicate repairs or maintenance services.

5. Quality insurance: Yes, insurance is required for all motorhomes. But what type of  American Tristar Insurance Services, San Diego do you have? Making sure that your insurance is current and covers all of the possible types of damage that can occur on the road will help you save money and peace of mind.