In recent years, automatic driving and car networking demand for the collective blowout to accelerate the expansion of the automotive electronics market. Among them, the car sensor as an important source Sensor of automotive electronic control system, a heavy application of automotive electronics.

  Industry-leading sensor supplier InvenSense has introduced a high-performance 6-axis (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope) automotive inertial sensor IAM-20680. This car-class inertial sensor will further assist InvenSense in-depth inertial navigation, ADAS, video EIS anti-shake and security and other automotive electronics field.

The high performance of the IAM-20680 is reflected in:

1. Sensors up to ± 36g acceleration and ± 300dps angular speed;

2. And can withstand the high temperature and long time to bring the double erosion, to maintain high precision and low noise quality;

3. Meet the ultra-low zero drift, ultra-low temperature drift, high seismic requirements.

  The IAM-20680 is developed according to ISO 26262 and conforms to the AEC-Q100 Class 1 standard. In addition, InvenSense has introduced a 3-axis gyroscope IAM-20380 to meet the needs of different customers. ADAS, security improvements, both comfortable Suction Control Valve and personalized driving experience is accelerating the demand for high-performance sensing technology, InvenSense deepen the layout of the automotive sensor market and homeopathic market to launch this car class IAM-20680.

  First, in the automotive market, as more and more systems are integrated, miniaturization / integration of sensors and other devices is becoming one of the key success factors. For example, InvenSense IAM-20680, which in the small package still have high performance 6-axis sensor, enough for the installation of the system to provide greater flexibility.

  Second, car manufacturers and system integrators are constantly seeking innovation to improve system reliability, reduce system costs, and reduce time-to-market. InvenSense's mass fuel metering valve production platform and high-performance motion tracking devices provide significant advantages for the automotive market:

1. Innovative high quality / high reliability sensor solutions;

2. Accelerate the automotive market with innovative sensor solutions;

3. Advanced 6-axis (accelerometer + gyroscope) inertial sensor with first-classTemperature Sensor  performance for TCS (traction control system), ESC (electronic stability control), RSC (rolling stability control), PSC (pitch stability Control), ROS (rollover airbag system), ACC (adaptive cruise control) and AFS (adaptive front lighting system) and other applications.

This also makes InvenSense sensors in the automotive market with a large number of applications, and have the opportunity with many depots, Tier 1 manufacturers to carry out in-depth cooperation. And discusses the innovative application of MEMS inertial sensor in chassis safety and infotainment. InvenSense introduces an industrial-grade 6-axis sensor, the IIM-20670, aimed Pressure Sensor at InvenSense for industrial automation such as factory automation, test and measurement instruments.