With the arrival of the internet, there are fewer obstacles to communication than ever before. Distance has basically turned insignificant in terms of talking to each other. Ongoing growth has continued to make it facile. Now, in many cases, language is no longer an obstacle.

Microsoft and Skype did the addition of another language to it real-time translation service. The software giant made the announcement last week that it is adding Japanese as its tenth language. The other languages are English, Brazilian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic. The service is available on Skype as well as services of Microsoft Translation, such as Microsoft Translator Live.

Other services provided by Skype permit for same communications obstacle-busting. It also provides text translation of above 60 languages. 


These inventions are just useful for social or commercial purposes. More scientists are cooperating across the globe to further our understanding of the world around us and the universe beyond us. Expanded functionality from services like those offered by Microsoft and Skype will permit such association to be even more immensely, and readily, available.

The spirit of international partnership is one of the defining aspects of the International Space Station. Many countries are working together to study space in hopes of revealing all of its mysteris.cc

Technology has a fashion of democratizing the arena in which they are applied. For example, SpaceX’s current launch of the first refurbished rockets is going to play a wide part in expanding the arena in terms of who will be able to launch people and technology into space.

Blockchain technology also has the possible of being a radical step toward breaking down all international obstacles. The tech could support to entirely root out corruption and permit the world of work together carefully, reliably, and with extraordinary transparency.

So, whether its direct language translation, inexpensive spaceflight, or rebellious record keeping, technology is one of the utmost tools humanity has to unite us all. 

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