Indians have been long known to be extremely generous in embracing various art forms, religious beliefs, spiritual practices, fashion, music and of course food. The saying, ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ should rather be changed to ‘A way to an Indian’s heart is through his stomach.’ We firmly believe that nothing connects people like food. And in making these connections stronger, we have probably gone a little too far. We have victoriously aced the art of Indianizing various cuisines with our masalas and tadkas. Our age old spices definitely face no national boundaries and are more than happy to work their magic beyond their comfort zone. The one that tops this list is the Indian Chinese cuisine.

Wondering what is Indian Chinese!? Did you ever eat noodles with a little bit of cumin and mustard seeds along with a dash of asafoetida? Don’t be shocked. This happens in multiple places. This is but a humble example of indianizing Chinese food. It might have a few takers too but it’s just not authentic!

If Chinese chefs were to come to India and taste the Indianized version of Chinese food, their hearts would skip not one, but multiple beats. The so-called ‘Manchurian, schezwan sauce, paneer noodles etc.’ is not imported, but pretty much the homegrown talent of our chefs. These variations are so widespread that one would not only find them in Chinese dishes; but also, in frankies, dosas, sandwiches and parathas.

Thanks to the boom of technology, and smart phones to be very precise, it has not only brought people virtually closer, but also real food highly accessible even at odd hours. These apps provide customers with complete information on various cuisines and the latest food outlets that have opened up. It gives one both the choice of cuisine and the place to order from. Not just that, these apps alert you for the latest deals and discounts.

With such widespread Indian Chinese food, having the wonderful opportunity of relishing authentic Chinese food is almost a distant dream in this land, BUT NOT ANYMORE. Order food online category of apps makes these dreams a reality. Food apps have become the fulcrum of the current day eating out experience. They are so handy especially with a smartphone by our side. I guess a food app is almost like a magic lamp genie as far as wishes for food are concerned. A few clicks, a couple of swipes and less than an hour of waiting time to eat something yummy. To me, all this sounds fantastic!


This wasn’t possible a few decades ago in India. Were this possible then, we wouldn’t have been lucky to taste the Indian flavoured Chinese food. But, jokes apart, order food online options really get you to eat authentic Chinese prepared by chefs trained for it. I mean, there is a reason why Chinese is Chinese! It will lose its essence if it’s Indianized. Don’t you think so!?