Overrun robots allow robots to expand their abilities, overcome the limits, distance, scale and environment. Robot is a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive field, the development of its power from two aspects, one is the promotion of new technology development, the second is the new application  Sensor of the pull. At first, the emergence of the robot is to replace people to do some simple and repetitive work, but with the development of technology, it gradually developed to do some things people can not do.

  Nano-robots can be perceived and controlled in tiny environments that can overcome the difficulties brought about by the scale and the environment, and then manipulate and control them so that humans can do something in the space we can not see. Nano-robot has a lot Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of applications, to help people to see the original, intangible, into can see, can touch, but also can be assembled and production. Its application in the field of biomedicine will become the next burst point.

  90% of the industrial robots are used in automobile manufacturing and other manufacturing processes, it can be said that the most successful application of robot technology is the manufacturing sector, especially in the automotive industry. But the field of biomedical output is much larger than the automotive industry, and many of the new drug development process is artificial, so the development process automation is very important. The development of a set of automated systems, it will be the same as the production of automation, but not the assembly of parts, but the development Pressure Sensor of new drugs, with the robot on the drug on the cell on such operations, while measuring to see the effect of drugs. This can be a short time in a large number of drugs directly on the cell screening, improve the efficiency of new drug development. But the difficulty of accomplishing this work can be imagined, one of the operation, sensing, control, need to advance the robot technology.
With the nano-robot antibody on the cancer cells on the receptor, and then measured to observe whether the cancer cells can kill. This can predict the effect of treatment, to the doctor's treatment program played a very important role, not only save the patient's costs, but also save a lot of time.

   In 2014, Professor Xi's team also set up in Shenzhen Shenzhen Intelligent Robot Research Institute, and gradually promote the industrialization of nano-robot process. Nano-robot is a field, information technology Throttle Position Sensor on the opportunities and applications of robots, and now the robot has become the information world and data and physical world between the interactive tool, it is also a simple alternative to human tools into an Internet Infrastructure, which is the new role of information technology development to bring the robot.

  After the robot is networked, we can monitor the environment through it, and can also use its remote processing equipment for processing. This brings the distance to the human difficulties, through the robot technology and network technology to overcome. The impact of this progress, it is through the network for medical diagnosis and treatment, and even security and defense work. The robot and network technology together, the doctor can diagnose through the network, and the robot itself can be the sensor sensor on the body through the network spread to the remote device to reproduce, so that doctors can be diagnosed remotely with the robot or even treatment. In addition to academic research, Professor Xi in the development of the robot industry also has its own unique view. Robot is undoubtedly the state's key support, but also a popular field Pressure Switch of entrepreneurship, which also shows that the development of domestic and foreign robot field there is no small gap. For this problem, he said in an interview, for the development of the robot, we do not lack the technical principles,