As the world's leading semiconductor design company, Infineon's products are mainly used in automotive electronics, industrial power control, power management and diversified markets, smart cards and security Sensor and other fields. Jiang Yanbing highlighted the development of Infineon sensors in the field of automotive electronics.

   Infineon's Automotive Electronics division is a division of Infineon's business. In the world, Infineon's Automotive Division has been a leader. Infineon is one of the few automotive semiconductor manufacturers that can fully cover the most important applications in the automotive sector. It includes a wide range of products including microcontrollers, smart sensors, RF transceivers, radars, and discrete and integrated power semiconductors Line, suitable for powertrain, body comfort, car safety and new energy vehicles and other applications. In the automotive electronics field is always Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the direction of the first self-development.
    As a key part of the field of automotive electronics, the sensor plays a very important role. Last year, Infineon United Lenovo launched the first 3D imaging phone - the first smartphone to support TANGO VR technology LENOVO PHAB 2 PRO, Phab 2 Pro equipped with the depth of the sensor The device is PMD Infineon's TOF 3D imaging sensor. The other is the radar sensor, the future Pressure Sensor of the most critical part of the automatic driving is the radar, for distance measurement, measuring the movement of objects outside the object, the size of the object, nature and so on.

    In addition, Infineon's innovative sensor technology is also used in the Internet of things, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart phones and home and other emerging markets. For example, the pressure sensor can be accurate to 5cm, you can perceive changes within 5cm, the key application of this scene is indoor navigation. At present we are still considering a new application scenarios, such as Shanghai, the city, there are many viaducts, the general navigation is flat, how to get three-dimensional navigation? The pressure sensor here will be a good application scenario.

    Infineon's other sensors such as gas sensors, optical sensors, MEMS microphones Throttle Position Sensor and many other applications, and emphasizes that many applications need to go upstream with semiconductor companies and downstream operators to explore and expand.