Information security is the cornerstone of the development of mobile Internet vehicles, to take advantage of the ability of car safety data to establish a dynamic defense system to perceive car safety risks. Car from the invention so far, car safety has experienced Sensor a passive safety, active safety, functional safety, and now has developed to the information security. Networking and information become a key point, consumer demand for automotive interconnection and intelligence growing, the world is working or promulgated for vehicle information systems and interconnected vehicles regulations and policies.

   Smart cars have become the third largest mobile Internet terminal, is the Internet of things, intelligent transportation interconnection center. Interconnection car information security issues will not only cause user privacy disclosure will also endanger the safety of personal property and even public safety. However, there are many difficulties in the protection of vehicle information: storage resources Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor are limited, the attack method is ever-changing, the defense mechanism is monotonous, the security value is difficult to convert and so on. At present the most advanced car safety systems have appeared security problems, Tesla automatic driving was successfully attacked and JEEP car was remote control, a serious accident.

   Information security has become the top design and key technology of interconnected cars. On the car information security events to develop the appropriate emergency response measures and monitoring means to establish a complete vehicle information security protection system and the whole life cycle of protection methods. The use of car safety data capacity to establish a dynamic defense system to perceive the car safety risks, so that preventive measures, making the interconnected car can become both safe and open Temperature Sensor mobile terminal. 360 intelligent network of automotive safety laboratory will promote the construction of car network security service alliance, to build a vehicle safety and car life services as the center of the service industry chain, to promote industrial chain business model fermentation, the formation of large-scale T service operator system, To play the cluster effect; to build the car industry life service industry norms, relying on the overall service platform to gradually sort out and standardize the car service TSP platform online and offline processes, combined with users, markets, industry, social services to enhance the car, Industry standards and so on.