Child care students trapped in the school bus death events frequent, this kind Sensor of high incidence of events sad, should find ways to prevent such incidents from the root causes. 'Budding' kindergarten students have not yet realized the beauty of life 'withered', and we need to hit the school bus into a 'greenhouse' so that they thrive. Technology should be the best means.

The security system will be carried out thoroughly, negligence, but the technology products will not be 'negligent'. Infrared sensor can be a good solution to the problem of children in the car is not found, because although the vision can not see, but the thermal imaging can. This kind of auxiliary device should become the standard of school bus, put an end to the tragedy once again. Its working principle Speed Sensor is that the detection principle of the thermal detector is based on the thermal effect. When the object is subjected to radiation, it will cause the temperature to rise and affect the performance change of the object to be measured. Therefore, it can be used to carry out the radiation or non-power change The detection.

   The infrared sensors are arranged in the four corners of the school bus, and then integrated imaging shown in the driver's car on the console, and install the alarm, the human body has a very clear infrared features, when the school bus to stop and close the car if the car Thermal imaging on the alarm, you can also indicate on the display whether there are personnel left in the car. This type of equipment is similar to the infrared life detector, the use Throttle Position Sensor of human-specific infrared imaging gives a chance to survive.

Children can not think as an adult, according to horn or hit the glass escape method is difficult to implement. Infrared imaging such high-tech methods can be eliminated from the root causes of such incidents, do not let the children experience 'death' despair.