After completing the acquisition of Israeli auto-driving sensors and computing company Mobileye, Intel is rapidly Sensor increasing its efforts in autopilot technology.

  Intel plans to build a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, which will meet Level 4 of the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which is fully automated. The first vehicles will be tested later this year. The test fleet is designed to showcase Intel and Mobileye's hybrid autopilot software systems as a range of industry vendors for different applications and uses. The test fleet will be incorporated into the different car brands and types accordingly to show that their autopilot platform is basically available for any application. The test team will Suction Control Valve be Intel's sales tool for potential partners and customers, but Intel said it will also use it for security verification and work with regulators to meet transportation rules. The data collected by the team will help Intel achieve these goals and gradually improve the technology.
  In May, Intel opened an 'autopilot garage' in San Jose, which is likely to be a key operational center for Intel's new fleet. Intel's tests for autopilot vehicles will take place in the United States, Mobileye's hometown of Israel and other European countries. Including Google parent company Alphabet Waymo, General Motors Cruise, including other companies also operate the Temperature Sensor active autopilot car test team. If Intel really wants to be the main vendor of this market, then maintaining the autonomous test team is their important chips at this stage.