Semiconductor manufacturers Intel (Intel) large-scale investment in the field of self-driving, the development of self-driving dedicated processor. Moreover, Intel has set up within the automotive solutions division, began to carry out the relevant research and development plan. In the era of personal computer development, Intel has almost become a representative Sensor of the personal computer processor. However, with the personal computer industry gradually subsided, Intel had to transition to other areas of development. And in the upcoming self-driving era, Intel also hopes to copy the successful experience of personal computer processors.

In fact, the car is actually a computer system control of the car. Therefore, the self-driving processor chip must be able to handle a lot of information from a variety of sensors, cameras, etc. from the driver's car, to analyze and deal with the current traffic, the surrounding environment and various anomalies on the road and then the steering wheel , Brake, fuel and other systems Suction Control Valve to implement the corresponding control. Self-driving intensive data processing business, its strength is similar to the current high-performance server used by the processor. So, in essence, self-driving is a wheel on the land to move the data center.

  Future self-driving dedicated processor In addition to strong processing performance, Intel is also ready to allow the processor with diversity and adaptability. Like the past personal computers, the car processor can be used in a wide variety of vehicles. In this regard to observe, in the eyes of Intel, since the car has become a personal computer, smart phone, another large number of processor chip applications. So, Intel hopes Temperature Sensor to accelerate development, to seize market share.

'Japan's economic news' pointed out that over the past period, Intel has completely in the smart phone processor market fall, this market hand over to Qualcomm (Qualcomm) and Taiwan MediaTek. Now, in the self-driving area, from the car driving system part of the point of view, it is clear that Intel has been behind to Google, Uber, Tesla and manyPressure Sensor  traditional large depot. Therefore, Intel in this area, began to shift the focus on the direction of the processor in the past to develop.

In mid-2016, Intel announced that it will work with German BMW (BMW), Israel Mobileye to jointly develop the automatic driving car, the product will be available in 2020. In this cooperation agreement, the plan by Intel focused on the development of the processor chip, and Israel Mobileye company in the computer image recognition, machine learning, and data analysis and other fields. In addition, in May 2016, Intel also acquired Speed Sensor a computer vision recognition company Itseez, is considered to be involved in the field of self-driving technical preparation.

Of course, in the field of self-driving chips, Intel will also face a large number of strong competitors strong challenge. This includes Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Renesas, Japan. In fact, the face of the global PC market shrinking, these years Intel has been looking for their own position. Previously, Intel has been in the Internet of things chip, UAV chip market and other extensive investment. However, the size of these markets is still very limited, can not make up the computer processor chip market decline part. Today, Intel hopes Pressure Switch to be in the self-driving wave of waves on the share of a market, to find the future development trend.