Smart car is the focus of the development of global automotive technology Sensor in recent years proposition, set the environment perception, planning and decision-making and multi-level driving support and other functions in one of the high-tech complex
  Smart cars in recent years the focus of global automotive technology development proposition. May 2015, the Chinese government issued 'Made in China 2025', clearly 'energy-saving and new energy vehicles and intelligent network of vehicles' as one of the top ten key areas of development, officially opened the prelude to the development of smart cars. During the two-day seminar, the participants discussed the development strategy, industry development trend, personnel training, demonstration area construction, standards Suction Control Valve and regulations, commercial operation, automation technology, network technology, ADAS program development and application of intelligent cars Six hot topics, from technology to actual combat, from policy to market, from business to investment, the whole chain to show the whole picture of industry change.
   In the subsequent speech session, Dongfeng Automobile Technology Center Vice President Zhou Jianguang, Geely Automobile Research Institute chief engineer Liu Weiguo introduced the main engine factory smart car development strategy. Wang Loking, co-founder of Frontier Industry Fund, Bao Jie, Managing Director of Mira China, Li Lin, Chief Engineer of Strategic and Business Planning Department of Shanghai International Automobile City, shared the latest progress of demonstration area of ​​Shenzhen, UK and Shanghai intelligent network. Shanghai Automotive Network and vehicle information service industry technology innovation strategic alliance vice president Zhou Ping, Analysys car travel industry center senior analyst Zhang Xu from the industry point of view brought the latest insight into the development of smart cars.

  Smart car is a high-tech complex which integrates environment perception, planning decision and multi-level driving support. It uses the computer as a platform to synthesize the measurement sensing, information fusion, pattern recognition, network communication and automatic control. Technology, involving a number of automotive technology outside the impact and penetration of disciplines, some of which new technology theory is not only a long history and ever-changing, and distance from the automotive discipline system distance, for the traditional car practitioners, is not hesitate to refactor a knowledge structure The The forum focused on the selection of sensor technology, communication and map technology, intelligent cockpit technology, automation technology and computing platform technology to focus on discussion, sharing guests not only Tsinghua University Department Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of Automation Professor Yao Danya, Tongji University, Professor of Automotive Bai Jie, Wuhan University Computer Associate Professor Li Ming, Wuhan University of Technology Professor Hu Zhaozheng and other academic leaders, but also Rococo management partner Miao Zang, the Netherlands Nuo Dasi technical director Yang Penghan, Neusoft Group Intelligent Network Consulting Director Peng Xue Na, Texas Instruments market development director Jiang Hong Well-known supplier representatives, as well as Chengmai technology, wing truck network, extremely smart, Shuanghou shark, Wuhan Guangting, Hangzhou Chi Bo and other entrepreneurial companies founder.

  Smart cars are no longer stay in the concept stage of the paper, with the gradual progress of technology, some companies take the lead in commercial operation to promote the promotion of automatic driving and car sharing as the future of the two major development direction in the commercial process But also gradually to confluence, Xianfeng Evergreen Capital, vice president of Yang Runxin described the two shares of the technological revolution will be how to build a new business model, Zhixing, Yu potential technology, the horizon, etc. also bring their market insight and operational promotion experience.
  Although in the traditional automotive field, China's auto industry is a latecomer, but by virtue of the new smart opportunity, the Chinese auto industry is likely to usher in a transformation of innovation and 'corner overtaking' a rare opportunity. Participants also put forward some of the problems that are gradually emerging, including the lack of core technology, the challenge of technological innovation and manufacturing services transformation, the atmosphere of innovation is still conservative, the lack of 'ten years sword' craftsmen spirit. These issues will restrict China's smart car industry's long-term development and future vision, worthy of our in-depth analysis, discuss initiatives. Wuhan as a representative city of China's automobile industry, the Economic and Technological Development Zone has seven large industrial vehicles and 300 auto parts companies Temperature Sensor and other large industrial resources, intelligent safety-assisted driving, high-precision maps, sensors, geospatial information technology and other industries The field has a very good technical foundation and system, the development of intelligent network of vehicles with strong advantages, the impact of radiation throughout the country.