Development of automatic driving vehicle and rail transportation system, to strengthen the vehicle perception, automatic driving, car networking, networking and other technical integration and supporting the development of traffic intelligence perception system, the formation of China's own automatic driving platform technology system and product Sensor assembly capabilities, Driving car sharing mode. The development of consumer and commercial UAV, unmanned boat, the establishment of test identification, testing, athletics and other professional service system, improve airspace, water management measures.
     Speed ​​up the application of key technologies of artificial intelligence, promote the integration of technology and business model, promote the innovation of intelligent products in key areas, and actively cultivate the new forms of artificial intelligence, lay the high-end industrial chain, and build the internationally competitive artificial intelligence industry cluster. Development of artificial intelligence for the operating system, database, middleware, development tools and other key basic software, breaking the graphics processor and other core hardware, research image recognition, speech recognition, machine translation, intelligent interaction, knowledge processing, control decision-making intelligent system solution Program, cultivate and expand the basic hardware and software industry for artificial intelligence applications. Capture the core components of intelligent robots, special sensors, improve the intelligent robot hardware interface standards, software interface protocol standards and safe use of the standard. Development Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of intelligent industrial robots, intelligent service robots, to achieve large-scale applications and enter the international market. Development and promotion of space robots, marine robots, polar robots and other special intelligent robots. Establish intelligent robot standard system and safety rules. Speed ​​up the smart terminal core technology and product development, the development of a new generation of smart phones, automotive intelligent terminals and other mobile intelligent terminal products and equipment to encourage the development of smart watches, smartphones, smart glasses and other wearable end products, expand product form and application services.

   To break through high-performance software modeling, content shooting generation, enhance the reality and human-computer interaction, integration of the environment and tools and other key technologies, the development of virtual display devices, optical devices, high-performance real three-dimensional display, development engine and other products, the establishment of virtual reality and enhanced Realistic technology, products, service standards and evaluation system to promote the integration of key industries. Development Temperature Sensor of new generation of things to support the highly sensitive, highly reliable intelligent sensor devices and chips, capture radio frequency identification, close-range machine communication and other key technologies such as Internet and low-power processor and other key devices.