The future production of wind power and other sectors will become increasingly intelligent and flexible. The so-called 'smart' is to allow the device to self-optimization, automated operation. To achieve this process, access to more, more accurate Sensor and more reliable real-time data is undoubtedly crucial. In this case, the core component - the role of the sensor will become increasingly prominent.

  Baruf has been in the field of wind power for nearly 30 years, although the products provided in the wind turbine complex parts system appears to be insignificant, but it is to improve the entire industry intelligence and production efficiency of the core part. Research and development of an intelligent energy-saving power supply, can be widely used in wind power equipment. The power supply has a 93% effective rate, is a semi-independent canned device designed for high vibration and vibration load design, with 800,000 hours of the average time between failures and up to 20 years of extremely long life. The advantage of this power supply is also obvious compared to other products: it is the first Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor optical indicator that does not require an intermediate transformer to connect directly to the voltage generator, the display device status, and the use of the optical indicator. Due to the dynamic load of its orbit, it can run continuously even under high load conditions, which makes the 30% to 50% reserve no longer needed. The power supply incorporates a new dedicated sensor for micro-control continuous monitors that can be used to present the state of the power supply, such as temperature, overload, failure, and so on. The intelligent assessment of these parameters will allow the user to easily grasp the condition of the device while implementing maintenance measurements, thereby greatly reducing the probability of failure of the entire system. The color of the color light-emitting diodes in the traffic lights provides the user with a continuous forecast of the current load level, the 'stress level' and the duration of use, and the remaining average life expectancy. These indicators are bright enough to be seen from a few meters away.
The power supply can be connected directly to the generator of the wind turbine. Not only makes the installation more labor-saving, but also can reduce the number of vulnerable parts, heat loss is also small, corresponding to improve the efficiency of the system.

  In order to make the wind turbine more reliable, Balluff also proposed a series of other intelligent sensor solutions. IO-Link is one of the key solutions, and is the world's first standardized IO technology for sensor and actuator communication. IO-Link works independently of any fieldbus, and it is a further development of existing connectivity technologies between sensors and controllers. With Balluff's extended I / O hub, each network node has up to 496 I / O points. In the wind power operation and maintenance will often encounter wind turbine in normal operation, the control system suddenly reported some fault information and immediately shut down. But after the engineers arrived at the scene, after the inspection but failed to find a clear source of failure. In this case, it is likely that the sensor signal is lost or given the wrong signal caused. Barrow's intelligent sensor based on IO-Link can effectively avoid the above situation. In addition to the standard I / O signals, the sensor can also transmit more real-time status data, such as short circuit, open circuit, power supply and other diagnostic information to the control system Temperature Sensor to achieve continuous diagnosis of the sensor itself. In addition, for some of the more complex functions, the need for parameter configuration of the sensor can also be automatically configured through the control system.

  IO-Link is the first open international intelligent sensor standard, using a unified and common control technology interface, independent of the field bus, through the serial two-way point-to-point connection, receive or send I / O signals, configuration data, diagnostic data Or other process data. As IO-Link uses a serial communication, compared with the conventional analog signal has a stronger anti-jamming capability. And only need to use non-shielded three-core / four-core cable can be achieved with the controller communication, the longest communication distance can reach 20 meters, and no special grounding requirements, not only can effectively solve the wind turbine internal electromagnetic interference problems, Also significantly reduces the cost of wiring. A standard IO-Link communication network consists of three layers, including intelligent sensors, IO-Link master modules and controller PLC. The IOLink master module supports a variety of major bus protocols, such as the Beckhoff system's EtherCAT protocol, which is very easy to use.
Balluff has also developed a micro-pulse displacement sensor BTL for wind turbines. The BTL is installed in the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic pitch system and the displacement of the piston rod is measured by accurately detecting the movement position of the magnetic ring to detect the blade pitch angle so that the unit can accurately adjust the blade angle according to the wind speed, Reliability of the premise, to maximize the efficiency of generating units. Linear magnetic grid displacement sensor BML is installed in the pitch bearing, can accurately measure the pitch angle, to achieve Speed Sensor optimal control strategy. It can also use the reference point to determine the zero position of the blade. BML uses a non-contact, wear-free measurement, which can significantly extend the service life of the equipment.

  Balluff hopes to provide customers with innovative solutions, while reducing costs, a substantial increase in efficiency, and promote the process of intelligent factory automation. As a business, sustainable development and quality priority traditional values ​​are extremely important, Balluff has always been committed to ensuring that customers receive the best application assistance and service on a global scale. Through the concept of openness and progress, to ensure that the product in the future sustainable development. Always beating the vitality of the idea Pressure Switch of ​​innovation. One of the foundations of the 'Industrial 4.0' and 'Made in China 2025' is the real-time availability of relevant data, and the ability to maximize the value of data at any point in time, while Balluff's advanced sensor solutions and identification systems ensure This usability.