In recent years, with the advent of intelligent manufacturing era, the robot as one of the fiery plate, robot innovation and rapid development in China and the world set off a wave of heat, its market size Sensor and also should continue to expand the industry forever. At the same time, it also further drives its internal sensor market demand.

  Sensor is a detection device, is to achieve automatic detection and automatic control of the primary link. It can make the object with a sense of touch, taste and smell and other senses, so that objects slowly become alive. If the robot is more sensitive, closer to humans, the sensor is played an intuitive and important role. A complete robot requires a speed sensor, an image sensor, an electromagnetic sensor, a tactile sensor, and so on. In 2017, the global industrial robot market will reach $ 14 billion fuel metering valve  and sales will increase by more than 20. Even experts predict that by 2025, the size of the global industrial robot market will grow 175% to $ 33.8 billion. This shows that China's sensor market potential, which led to domestic and domestic sensor manufacturers innovative research and development, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the sensor market.

  The emergence and use of robots to promote the development of China's intelligent manufacturing, but also promote the expansion Pressure Switch of the domestic sensor market to promote domestic manufacturers to improve the sensor manufacturers innovative research and development capabilities.