The future driving assistance system is not limited to ACC adaptive cruise, lane maintenance, etc., and passive safety control is also included. Passive safety control not only extends to the analysis Sensor of vehicle motion sensor data, but also includes advanced driving assistance system radar / camera sensor data and other vehicle sensors data With the intelligent 'sensing life' popularity,

  The main driver of the rapid growth of demand for local sensors is from industrial electronics and automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics and specialty electronic equipment. China's current sensor production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, and gradually formed with Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Xi'an and other central cities dominated regional space layout. The Yangtze River Delta region: the Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing as the center, and gradually formed, including thermal, magnetic, image, weighing, photoelectric, temperature, gas and other more complete sensor production system and industry support. Pearl River Delta region Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the central city of Shenzhen, mainly by the nearby small and medium-sized cities of foreign-funded enterprises to heat, magnetic, ultrasonic, weighing the main sensor industry system. The main production MEMS force sensitive sensors, gas sensors, humidity sensors. In the PTC / NTC thermistor, inductive digital liquid level sensors and gas sensors and other industries in the development of good momentum.

     The sensor industry is accompanied by the rise of the Internet of things, in other regions such as Shaanxi, Sichuan and Shandong and other places in recent years has developed rapidly. China's sensor market in recent years has continued to grow, the growth rate of more than 15%. 2012 China's four major areas of sensor applications for industrial control, automotive electronics, communications electronics and consumer electronics, including industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for about 42% of market share. , In addition to industrial automation systems, large-scale key projects supporting and automotive electronics, home appliances Pressure Sensor products, in modern agriculture, environmental testing and management, health care and food detection market in the field of application prospects. Domestic water resources control systems and home appliances are in the traditional technology to the energy-saving emission reduction and technology upgrading of the development stage, inverter air conditioner and household vacuum cleaners, washing machines, solar water heaters, especially large-scale central air conditioner has begun to use a lot of pressure control, Temperature adjustment and other systems, but also for a variety of sensors in the home air conditioning, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, home water supply systems and other aspects of the application opened up a broad space for growth.

   The core technology of the car network is to develop a vehicle intelligent terminal with both car information sensing, car networking and network identity. It will promote the change of ITS technology from static road to vehicle dynamic perspective, and promote the development and expansion of cloud computing industry. Car networking technology in the Internet of things technology, communications Speed Sensor technology and cloud computing technology breakthrough, not only will promote the original automotive industry, communications industry, the Internet industry upgrading, but also gave birth to many new industries and business opportunities.