Israel's image recognition company is ready to tap the potential market space of the autopilot's sensor system to release new products for the perception of the interior environment. Their 3D sensing technology has been used Sensor to penetrate different materials, perceive liquids, and draw 3D models and other scene applications. Vayyar launches a new generation of sensor products that will be available for automotive and autopilot markets. The product supports groundbreaking active safety features to more efficiently manage the interior environment and enhance the safety of autopilot vehicles.

  Vayyar product applicability, a single sensor can perform complex perception function, which in the past is usually a series of sensors and technology integration to complete. At the same time, Vayyar sensor prices lower, portable, and can adapt to light and other conditions. The ability to implement such a product is because the sensor's perceptual principle is not based on optical images. The car market is at the front of the tide of technological change. With the development of vehicles to autopilot and autonomous navigation, the vehicle needs real-time, accurate Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and new information-aware technology to grasp what is happening around it, and the application of this technology, The car industry is indispensable, the next step in the automotive industry will provide a more secure vehicle outside the detection of obstacle technology, and the car's health and safety monitoring of passengers will be equally important.

  Vayyar embedded 3D sensor by scanning the vehicle interior, real-time construction of the car environment picture. Through the monitoring of the screen, as well as the extraction of key features, the sensor can play on the driver and other passengers early warning function. The driver will be asleep, or someone will leave the baby or pet in the car, such as the scene, the sensor will be identified and issued a warning; in the event of a car accident, the 3D sensor can be aware of the status of survivors, The Vayyar sensor can create a 3D environment image to inform the number of passengers in the autopilot vehicle, and can also be safely secured according to the seat position and the passenger's size before facing the accident. In the case of automatic driving, the Vayyar sensor can create a 3D environment image, The pop-up time and deployment of the airbag. In addition to Speed Sensor vehicle interior control, Vayyar's sensor products can also be used in vehicle blind spot monitoring and other scenes, such as the identification of nearby obstacles, bicycles, and the distance of the vehicle, but also for self-parking, to provide the surrounding large and small vehicles Horizontal and vertical information. Their sensors are compatible with a variety of environmental conditions, such as dark, strong light, high temperature, fog, etc., which makes their products have a higher level of safe and reliable performance for the automatic driving a variety of environmental perception scene.

  The freight industry is also a promising market, Vayyar will also use their own 3D sensor products used in the monitoring of the volume of goods, and improve the efficiency of freight management. Specifically, the sensor placed in the freight car, 3D sensor will automatically for the van available space modeling, and calculate the distribution of goods within the compartment. In transit, the sensor can also be real-time cargo dynamic monitoring, the goods may be damaged when the warning. In the face of trucks and even train Throttle Position Sensor and other cargo scene, Vayyar sensor digital calculation level will increase an order of magnitude, from the fleet management level for the optimal management of freight.