With the rise of artificial intelligence in recent years, people involved in the field of intelligent Internet has not just stay in the concept of the. More and more car prices began to link the smart Internet and the car, the car multimedia system began Sensor to use the Internet to achieve the ultimate automatic driving, the liberation of human hands, feet, and even completely become a travel robot.
  SAIC and Alibaba Group will be the capital as a link to connect their respective advantages of resources, together to create 'running on the Internet car', leading China's 'Internet car' development. The establishment of the fund will promote the 'Internet car' development and operation platform construction, the future will be an open capital platform to attract more Internet car participants. This is the substantive step taken by the two sides last year after signing a strategic cooperation agreement. In the era of Internet economy, cross-border integration Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor has become an inevitable trend. SAIC and Ali, as the 'Internet car' concept pioneer, homeopathy, leading the trend, co-sponsored the 'Internet car fund' for the formation of joint ventures, set up the Internet car development and operation platform. The two sides will focus on user needs, to create a new 'Internet car' life.

   RX5 appearance is really amazing, in the domestic car manufacturers are busy developing high-end SUV enjoying themselves, Roewe's strategy does have a certain forward-looking, when the car industry in the car all the way in the car and automatic driving Increase R \u0026 D investment, but like cuddle as caution to introduce safe and reliable part of the automatic driving function and some mobile Internet features. The development of science and technology with each passing day, the emergence of each scientific and technological achievements to mature need a process. The development of the Internet today, the impact on a variety of industries is obvious, especially artificial intelligence, large data support under the machine learning ability, neural networks and other technologies continue to evolve, mature Let us on the automotive interconnection and automatic driving Temperature Sensor field expectations more and more The higher the higher. The Internet for our daily life has brought a variety of user-friendly, convenient solution, and this program extends to the car's ultimate goal is certainly AI drive network of automatic driving program. Apple's siri voice control of the car's multimedia system, skylight control, air conditioning system control, navigation control, which are carried out through the 4G network, you can call it is a big phone. Internet Some basic navigation, radio, music and other search controls it can meet you. And Ali cooperation in the Internet car, the core of its system is called the YUNOS system, related to the control of some of the functions of the car can basically liberate the driver's hands.
  Automatic driving function is a US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration grading standards, the other is the American Society of Automotive Engineers. Sylla's own research and development of neural networks, including the collection of data, sonar systems, radar systems, these systems after the synthesis, after the operation by driving the computer, driving safety for the judgments and support in theory than the human driver through Sensory judgments are many precision, the real realization of artificial intelligence. Mercedes-Benz part of the new generation of S-class automatic driving function. Active lane change assist function, active lane maintenance auxiliary function, active speed limit auxiliary function, traffic sign assistance function, active distance auxiliary cruise function, active emergency stop auxiliary function, active blind spot auxiliary function, active parking and remote parking auxiliary function The BMW's latest BMW HoloActive touch system consists of a screen, a hand-held camera, and an ultrasound device, the first ever Speed Sensor ever without physical contact, to achieve feedback control of the human-computer interaction system. It uses the principle of the head-up display system, the information content projected on the driver's hand on the screen, the camera can accurately identify the owner's gesture, the ultrasonic device can let the fingertips feel the pressure of the air feedback, while retaining the traditional touch screen touch The