Compared with the 'Internet +', 'all things +' in the Internet, power, collaboration, innovation to achieve a new breakthrough. 'All things +' era, wide-area network and short-range communications Sensor and other large-scale application of technology, to promote more access to the sensor network equipment.

   In the 'all things' environment, ubiquitous perception, communication and embedded systems, given the ability of objects to collect, calculate, think, collaborate and self-organize, self-optimizing, self-decision making, products, machines, resources and people Link up, forming a highly flexible, humane, digital production and service model. For example, in Lenovo (Hefei) intelligent manufacturing industry base, Lianbao factory quality management and customer service director Qu Songtao told reporters that the factory production line automation will be increased to 75%, the important means is to make machines and machines can Do your own communication, feedback and adjustment. Tian said that 'all things +' but also Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to break the vertical industry, 'information island', the producers, consumers, distributors, managers and dispatchers and a variety of equipment and services together to lead all things together. To promote the development of large-scale open-loop applications, the formation of new formats, to achieve value-added services. At the same time, the use of platform aggregation of data, mining all things the value of data, derived from the new application types and application patterns.

    Ministry of Industry and CCID Institute of Software Director Pan also pointed out that the application of large data in various industries gradually accelerated into the stage of steady growth, financial and government data highlights the leading role. Although the current financial, government, transportation, telecommunications, commerce, medical, education, tourism industry as the representative of the consumption of large data applications accounted for 89% of the total, but overall, China's industry data development is gradually from the consumer side to the production side gradually penetration.
  In the new environment of integration of physical technology, digital technology and biotechnology, biotechnology, 3D printing, unmanned, large data, artificial intelligence and other technologies will be integrated into the new material carrier, and on this basis to establish a wide range of significance On the intelligence, connectivity and collaboration, so that Temperature Sensor all things possible innovation. In the era of 'all things', new industries such as new materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology, implantable technology, 3D printing, unmanned block chains, large data, and cloud computing have huge business opportunities.

   The next five years, the wave of cloud plans to invest 10 billion yuan of funds, in accelerating the domestic market cloud center on the basis of the layout, and gradually start the 'sea plan', relying on overseas layout of the five major cloud center nodes, steady expansion of global business. All the things have a chip, all things have sensors, everything has data, everything is wise, all things Pressure Sensor  are based on the people, data and equipment between the free communication, products, processes, services, links are closely linked to the global network The