'Normal' really is not a thing that accurately applies to human beings. We're all pretty individualized despite having the same basic drives, needs, desires and sometimes fears.  But the human mind is built to sort and 'classify' or group most everything---so we do it with each other too.  If you helieve or even are just interested in the subjects often found on the shelves for the'supernatural' and 'paranormal' (from aliens thru the zodiac, from the afterlife thru dream work and reincarnation)  or if you've just always felt like an 'outsider' to mainstream society for some reason...i hope you'll find this a safe haven for talking about it.  Sometimes it helps to know you're 'not alone' even if we're all a different kind of different.

You don't have accept any belief system or theory put forward by other members but i do expect that everyone will be at least civil and preferrably kind.  i encourage discussion and questions---but be mindful of HOW you question others, don't imply insults to intelligence or anything else. Or speak in 'I' when you disagree---for example 'I have trouble with that concept because ___.'  Doing so implies that you understand that the other person's experiences have been different than yours, that it's ok and you are just trying to understand why they believe what they do.   And if you are being asked for more on what you've posted---or the whys of your beliefs try not to get defensive---realize that questions and answers are communication, sharing of ideas that can lead to understanding even when the other does not 'adopt' your view.  And for the rational person it is always possible to 'reserve judgment' to not decide one way or the other about something but file it in a folder marked 'interesting'.  At some later point in time when considered next to or in the context of some other idea, it may make some sense or be part of a new idea/theory. 

And i hope everyone realizes that religion and the topics i've mentioned are not mutually exclusive.  Keep in mind that: 1) Atheists and many science minded people consider all faiths in a 'bad' light, often talk perjoratively about all organized religion and personal spirituality ideas. 2) The prophets of most religions were decidedly a differnt kind of a normal and it is part of the territory of being a prophet to practice supernatural habits.  SO, please respect each other's traditional faith paths as well as their ideas about the things that interest you.

We're going to be an open group for a while, last i heard the site hadn't perfected allowing group to be private anyway. But once we build some membership  we will likely switch to private so that everyone will feel more comfortable being open about their ideas and beliefs.  While i'd hope to never have to use it, i also hope at some point the ability for group creators to oust and block people who won't follow the guidelines will be available to us.  In the meantime, those who know me can tell you i am not above calling people, even ones who consider themselves visionaries/prophets/highly spiritual out on being uncivil/unkind to others. 

Feel free to start discussions.  Many of our potential topics are so complex that we will no doubt have to revisit them in various ways as time goes by.