Whether you write poetry, take photos, paint or get creative about home projects (from décor to upcycling (repurposing) to culinary endeavors~~this is a place to share with others. I'd like to see a lot of original work (writings, photos of art/crafts projects) but if you stumble across an interesting art form (leaf painting or etching for example) feel free to share a video.  Please comment on what others post. You don't have to 'gush' over every bit of original art/craft...but unless the poster asks for help---please be discreet about critiquing. Remember we all have different 'tastes' and Art is very subjective. 

I'd also like to have discussions about 'process' and inspiration. We'll all be coming at things from our own experience and point of view...but sharing is good...sometimes when you're 'blocked' hearing how others approach a new creation can help.    Me, I'm just fascinated with how humans  'work', how we are---i feel everybody has at least one good story, and usually at least one creative arena.  Thing is we're not encouraged to think about some things as being art, or even that they can be done artfully:  Producing something as beautiful as it is useful. Beauty for it's own sake is good too. The Blog i wrote  for this group gives you an idea of how i feel about 'art'. It enriches our lives...and there are a lot of people who feel art has saved them in some way. 

So please...show us what you do?  Tell us about YOUR process---from the germ of the idea thru completion. Tell us what MOVES you...emotionally...for me that is what art boils down to and expression and evocation of emotion---and interestingly enough---what is evoked is not always what the artist originally had in mind but getting feedback about what emotions and thoughts we have aroused in others can be helpful.