Halloween has concluded.

Now, as in the case of Thanksgiving and Christmas, assorted propagandists are laying it on thick with assorted forms of guilt regarding what these youngsters have accumulated as a result of their own gumption and achievement.

In the latest manifestation of the false altruism racket, youngsters are admonished to surrender their confections for distribution to the armed forces.

Let the kids keep their own candy.

Shouldn't the question to ask be why can't adults in the military get their own candy?

At one time, weren't soldiers issued chocolate bars and the like for the purposes of seducing foreign prostitutes?

Perhaps there should instead be a lobbying campaign to Congress or the Pentagon to include candy as a part of standard rations.

The claim is made that these youngsters don't need the candy they've collected for a number of health reasons.

So then why is it being applauded as a noble undertaking to engage in the nutritional sabotage of the military service personnel of the United States of America?

By Frederick Meekins