Baby Boomers,

With the Holidays upon us, I have decided to forego my normal information packed blog today and do something really fun.

On the advice of my loyal followers, I will be shaking things up to make sure that everyone is enjoying my blogging experience as much as I am.

Today, my purpose is two fold.  

First, please join me in welcoming my first official blog sponsor, Bionic Gloves.  I couldn't think of a better company to begin with.   Hopefully, you have already seen their ad on my right side column or across the top of my "About" page.   Bionic Gloves is a division of Hillerich & Bradsby Co., a fifth-generation family-owned business that also manufactures the world famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats and PowerBilt® golf clubs.

Bionic gloves are the perfect Baby Boomer product.  They are designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist and their technology is totally unique. There is nothing like it. The difference is in their design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics. 

Second, it's time to really start celebrating the Holidays and I need to know if there are any other Baby Boomers out there that are as crazy about the Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" as me?  Do you feel like you are a best friend of George Bailey?  Is it your dream to live in a place like 320 Sycamore?  Well, let's find out.

How about a contest to see how much you know about the fabled town and friendly folks of Bedford Falls?
It's not easy.  You will have to earn your wings.  I'm going to be a little bit tricky too, and sneak in a couple of questions about Bionic Gardening Gloves.

The prize for the winner?  How about a brand new pair of Bionic Gardening Gloves?

Good Luck and have some fun !!

  • Just answer correctly all or as many of the 15 questions below as you can.
  • Put your answers in the comments section following this blog.
  • The contest begins with the official publication of this blog and ends at 11:59 PM, December 24, 2014, Arizona Time.
  • At the end of the Entry Period, the "winner" will be considered that first entry with all correct answers or the entry with the most correct answers and/or closest answers to the trivia questions posted.   
  • The "Winner" will receive a gift certificate for one (1) pair of Bionic Gardening Gloves with an approximate value of $39.99 U.S.
  • The winner will be notified within one (1) week.
  • Please review our "official" "It's a Wonderful Life" trivia contest rules below for any questions.


1)  In what state is Bedford Falls located?

2)  During the High School dance scene, the gym floor opens up to reveal a swimming pool and guess what, it was real.  Where was it located?

3)  How many types of Bionic Gardening Gloves are there for men? 

4)  In the same scene in which the pool opens beneath the gym floor, who is the well-known child actor that pressed the button?

5)  How many years does the plot of the movie cover?

6)  In what year was George’s brother Harry born?

7)  What is the special system on the "ToughPro" gardening glove that allows them to absorb vibration from power tools? 

8)   A very well know childhood song is played several times during the movie, mostly in scenes starring Clarence the guardian angel of George Bailey.  What is the name of that song?

9)  What movie is playing at the theater house in downtown Bedford Falls?

10)  Uncle Billy has a pet black bird that lives in the office of the Bailey Building & Loan.  What is its name?

11)  Which women’s gardening gloves offer arm protection as well as hand protection when working around thorns and thistles?

12)  What material reinforces the fingertips of Bionic garden gloves to improve durability? 

13)  What is the featured beer at both Martini's and Nick's bar?

14)  There are 4 towns located close enough to Bedford Falls to be shown on a street sign at the edge of Bedford Falls.  Name one of them.

15)  Toward the end of the movie, when Bert the cop takes a shot at George, the bullets take out three of the letters in the lighted Pottersville sign?  Which 3 letters were they?