I think that I've hiked and backpacked for most of my life.  Started following my dad around in the woods in the hills of southern Indiana whenI was a boy, then Boy Scouts, then friends, then the move to Oregon and more friends and college field courses.    Retired now so I have more time to get out and I try to take advantage of it.  The birth of a grandson has taken me off the mountains for much of the past many months, but that's opening up again.

      Never was a racehorse hiker or backpacker.  Instead, I just enjoyed wandering, checking out that off-trail view, getting lost.  Big Mile folks don't work well with me.  Rushing in the wilderness,to me, is like jogging through the Louvre.  So now that I'm older I've became an even more leisurely guy on the trail. It's not as easy as it once was but aren't I lucky to still be doing it?

      Anyway, this is about wilderness backpacking, not backpacking through Europe, etc. Nothin at all against that, but there's probably a group for that.  So let us know where you plan to go next, where you've been, or where you'd like to go.  Hiking and snowshoeing fit in here too.