Jaguar Land Rover in its Polish technology business incubator added LISNR and PILOT two car technology start. The incubator's previous study range from parking applications Sensor to unmanned aerial vehicles, and these two new start-ups will bring creative car technology to Jaguar Land Rover.

L ISNR utilizes 'smart tuning', that is, sounds outside the human hearing range, to transfer data between different devices. If a car with LISNR technology, you can with a certain range of equipment with the same technology to interact, such as smart phones, cars and so on. Jaguar Land Rover and LISNR are using the technology to improve the car environment. LISNR can identify drivers fuel metering valve and passengers, and according to their hobbies to adjust the car settings, including personalized seats and so on. PILOT mainly studies autopilot technology. The sensor plug mounted on top of the car is used to receive data. Users can use this data to help improve driving behavior, just like many OBD-II port plug-in devices, or they can be connected to steering and braking systems and take some simple driving tasks. It can also be connected to the cloud to understand traffic and share data.

   PILOT brings some of the current state-of-the-art driver assistance systems (ADAS) to any vehicle, such as signposting, lane maintenance assistance, and blind spot monitoring. However, these features say that 'autopilot' does not seem appropriate. This may only reach the unmanned Level 2, but PIOLT will greatly reduce the road on the car accident. Jaguar Land Rover on the one hand that the future technology Speed Sensor and socket should be popular and reliable, on the one hand and eager to equip their cars on the new technology, so the establishment of the Polish technology business incubator.