Magneti Marelli, a subsidiary of FCA, announced a formal takeover of LeddarTech, a laser radar technology company in Quebec, Canada, and both did not disclose the price Sensor and share of the acquisition.
     LeddarTech is responsible for patented radar technology research and development, especially in the field of solid-state electronic radar systems, that is, through the infrared to detect the surrounding environment. Manitou Marelli said in his speech that radar technology and the company's future development fit. Lidar is a laser-based sensor technology that combines the camera and radar to help automates the autopilot from L2 to L5. Janeti Marelli CEO Pietro Gorlier said in his speech that the strength in the field of high-end lighting technology Temperature Sensor paved the way for our development in the field of automatic driving, and investment to LeddarTech also made us win with leaders in the field of laser radar technology Opportunity to coorparate. The two companies have entered the stage of technical and business cooperation, the agreement will jointly develop automatic driving vehicle laser radar system, and will be integrated into the car lighting equipment, the supply to the global car prices.

    'The Smart Corner' solution was launched at the CES show in Las Vegas in 2017, 'said Smart Corner, a pioneer in the field of automated driving technology, which has launched an exploration of electronics and lighting technology 'The main use Pressure Switch of automotive lighting system to install the location of automatic driving sensors, that is, in the high-end car headlamps and taillights integrated solid-state electronic laser radar, camera, radar, ultrasonic sensors.