The endless innovations introduced by Jignesh Shah in the financial markets are admired through the country. Financial Technologies India Limited (FTIL), now known as 63 Moons has introduced numerous financial and stock markets technologies.

In recent news, the company added to its portfolio and launched 4 new products in its ODIN platform. ODIN is a revered for its database to connect stock exchanges and investors.  It is n NSE competitor and has a market share of 65per cent. Investors with Aadhar and Pan Numbers can instantly start trading. They need to register their signature electronically on ODIN eKYC which allows brokers to open electronic trading accounts.

Small brokers may a mobile trading application ODIN Wave. It competes well with large broking houses.

ODIN Value and ODIN Joytrader launched by the company add service covering and market research and allow investors to play games via joy stick while investing.

ODIN Voice: Uses one-time password (OTP) and voice recognition to seamlessly execute trade orders. It is an interactive trade execution platform and can take instructions in 14 languages. It will cut down costs for brokers by replacing operators and trading terminals.

"It is an example of how artificial intelligence based conversational user interfaces can completely disrupt the way people transact in the future. This brings together the power of AI, Cloud Computing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and analytics to create a very simple and intuitive experience to an otherwise complex task of investments in the market," said Keshav Samant, President  & CEO, Brokerage Technology Solution, 63 moons.

He also added that the existing ODIN users will enjoy these services for free or depend on their usage. These services are innovative at best and will create a huge social impact by integrating advisory services and provide them to the masses. This will be a great help to retail investors.

The list of platforms and technologies keeps growing under the vision of Jignesh Shah. He is certainly an explorer in the field of financial and stock market technologies.


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