QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer any particular job-costing feature during this time, however, as a workaround, it will be done by setting up your jobs as sub-clients or customer etc and choosing the Bill with the main option.

Follow below steps to add a sub-customer


  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. Choose Sales or Invoicing > Customers.

  3. Choose New customer on the right.

  4. Enter all the proper information for that sub-customer.

  5. Check the Is sub-customer box.

  6. Choose the Customer's name.

  7. Choose Bill with Parent.

  8. Click Save.


Once set up, your Client page would look something like this:

Rogger Sam

Rogger Sam: Brochures

Rogger Sam: Letterhead


After you have set up your job/project as a sub-customer, turn on the necessary settings using below steps:


  1. choose the Gear icon on the top right > Company Settings or Account and Settings > Expenses.

  2. Check the following:

  • Show Items table on expense and purchase forms.

  • Track expenses and items by the customer.

  • Make expenses and items billable.


  1. Click Save.

When you purchase something these options will put a Billable checkbox  (using Enter Bills, Write Cheques, Enter Credit Card Charges, or Enter Cash Purchase) that lets you state that an expense should automatically flow to a customer's next invoice.


Note: Billable Expenses feature is only available for Quickbooks Online Plus.



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Source- http://quickbook-support-help.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/job-costing-in-quickbooks-fix-support.html