Lianchuang Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. '2015, the first 50,000 EPS controller and the first 100 million tire pressure sensor successfully off the assembly line' celebration held in its company's production line, the company's general Sensor manager Wang Xuehe, deputy general manager Luo Lijun and Zhao Jin attended the celebration, and front-line staff witnessed this important moment. As the core automotive electronics company of SAIC, since its establishment in 2006, the company has made important achievements in the fields of energy saving and emission reduction, new energy and alternative energy and automobile safety control, which is guided by market demand and automobile technology. The company's high-quality electric power steering control, new energy vehicle electronic control, tire pressure detection system solutions and parts products, access to the SAIC passenger cars, SAIC GM, BYD, Geely, Dongfeng and other well-known car enterprises recognized.
  Link in the R \u0026 D investment, the production of two products will be jointly developed by the joint, has reached the industry-leading level. Among them, since June 2010, the joint creation will open the brushless EPS ECU independent development of the road, has in 2013 approved the production of the first independent research and development of pure electric vehicle brushless EPS controller, approved in 2014 Production of the first independent research and development of plug-in hybrid passenger car brushless EPS controller, the first fuel metering valve independent research and development of the A car / SUV / MPV brushless EPS controller, covering the current mainstream models. Lianchuang people always maintain technological innovation, not only the company from the original brushless development to today's brushless, brush full coverage, but also product reliability, technical performance, the cost of the industry to the extreme, access to SAIC, BYD and other traditional And the trust of new energy host manufacturers. In the tire pressure sensor, the company after years of technical precipitation and market testing, sales continue to break, the annual output has exceeded 100 million, the results obtained the same can not be separated from SAIC GM, Geely, Dongfeng, SAIC Chase, Foton Motor and other customers The trust.

  Auto parts is an important foundation to support the healthy, stable and rapid development of the automobile industry. The current increase in car ownership and the rapid development of auto parts market for parts and components enterprises to bring a strong driving force, but the fierce competition in the market also brought its corresponding challenges, the relevant enterprises Temperature Sensor must rely on technological innovation, improve their core competition force. The scale of the mass production breakthrough, it proves that the joint efforts made in this regard to verify the company's strong independent development capabilities, but also highlights the company in the field of auto parts development confidence and determination.

  2015 is the 'second five' ending year, but also 'thirteen five' plan year, this year is a very important year for the joint creation, we in research and development, sales, production methods and delivery timeliness And other aspects have been further improved, the product Pressure Sensor has been unanimously approved by customers. We will further increase investment, broaden the market, continue to promote the continuous development of joint creation.