Domestic SUV market regardless of joint venture brands or Chinese brands are trying to seize this high ground. Nearly two years of small SUV mushroomed out, although the Chinese brand Sensor with the advantages of cost-effective gradually occupy the dominance of less than 10 million SUV, but some joint venture brands of small SUV still has a good competitive edge.

  Peugeot 2008 in the hot small SUV market performance was tepid, the reason, powertrain on the short board is undoubtedly its largest door. But later with the PSA Group's latest 1.2T engine to join the competitiveness of its steep increase, in addition, the law car is good at the dynamic and exuberant style and highly technical sense of the interior design also gave this Peugeot car unique Charm. Appearance, Peugeot 2008 is the biggest feature of fashion modeling vibrant, authentic inheritance Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the overseas version of the design, for young people is a good choice. But its body is not large, 2008 body size 4180 × 1745 × 1580mm, wheelbase 2540mm, compact low body, so that 2008 looks a little more dynamic. The design of the car is also more interesting, continued the dynamic style, design inspiration from the goggles of the instrument panel shape is very eye-catching, giving the impression that the front, quite personality. Work materials at this price level is due. In addition, the small size of the steering wheel shows the restless side of 2008, which is the new generation of Peugeot family has always been the design approach.

  According to the PSA Group's current push of the 1.2T three-cylinder turbocharged engine and 6AT gearbox, the 2008 driving up light and flexible, dynamic response is also an excellent level, can be said to be a Taiwan is very fun to drive the car. Create a cool should be regarded as the first batch of models into the market segment, with more and more competitors, its presence is far worse than before. After last year's facelift, the new look, interior design and richer configuration have greatly enhanced its strength. Genuine shape is very American style, strong sense of muscle, very honest. All models are equipped with 18-inch wheels, which is the same as Angkola ENCORE, the performance is very kind. Create a cool front and rear use of the silver guard, to enhance the visual effects while also a bit more game In general, the creation of cool design is simple, but very delicate. Create a cool interior design and appearance with the same concept, angular, strong sense of machinery. Taking into account the price of a cool, the entire console are using hard materials Temperature Sensor is also a reasonable approach. Inspired by the locomotive dashboard is clear and easy to read, the unusual style is more suitable for the pursuit of individuality of young consumers.

  Created by a set called 'Mylink' human-computer interaction system, which consists of a 7-inch touch screen and four touch buttons, the control of the various functions of the vehicle can be completed in the above. The whole system is equipped with a 1.4T engine, the maximum power of 140 horsepower / 4900-6000rpm; maximum torque of 200 cattle meters / 1700-4800rpm, compared to the same level of opponents of the natural suction engine, a cool in the dynamic parameters There is no small advantage. Gearbox matching 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox. From the super Vittra into Vitra, although the name is only less super two words, but the model level has been changed Throttle Position Sensor from compact SUV to small SUV, and their own Feng Yu, Honda XR-V and other models at the same level. In the body length and wheelbase, Vittra compared to the same level models are not dominant.

  Vitra in the appearance of adding a lot of fashion elements, such as two-color body, the front face of chrome decoration, roof racks and other configurations, more in line with the positioning of urban SUV. Vitra's interior is full of black color, and joined the larger silver plaque to create a sports, stylish atmosphere, the overall feeling good. Power system, Vitra is equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine and 1.4T in-cylinder direct injection engine two, have the engine start and stop technology, the former match 5MT gearbox, which can Pressure Switch choose 6MT or 6-speed manual Gearbox.