SUV outbreak and the new energy 'popular', has become the most concerned about the car in recent years, the two plates. However, in the first half of this year, the overall slowdown in the car market, SUV is still strong, as the main car market, the main main sales, although the new energy market has maintained a certain rate of growth, but the industry has this 'mixed.' Ministry of Finance, Ministry Sensor of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission four ministries jointly issued 'on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial subsidies policy notice', which not only improve the 'subsidy threshold', the state for new energy vehicles Of the amount of subsidies down 20%, and also provides that local subsidies can not exceed half of state subsidies.

  This policy has greatly affected the enthusiasm of many consumers to buy, not only that, due to 'on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the application of financial subsidies to the policy notice' provides that local subsidies can not exceed half of state subsidies, many local governments To timely update the relevant subsidy policy, resulting in consumers at this time to buy new energy vehicles can only enjoy the state subsidies and can not enjoy the local subsidies embarrassment, making some consumers on the sidelines, thus affecting the new energy market Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor as a whole Sales. 'Catalog Reaffirmation' policy to promote, greatly reducing the consumer in the choice of new energy vehicles range, which directly affected the performance of new energy vehicles market. However, with the passage of time, the local government gradually introduced the relevant subsidy standards, new energy promotion directory has also been introduced, the new energy market has begun to gradually regain its vitality.

  Under the reorganization of relevant policies, the new energy market is gradually turning to the normative track, but for now it seems that the new energy market is still unable to achieve from the 'policy market' to 'free market' changes, New energy market differences can be seen. According to the new energy vehicles issued by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to pay a strong insurance index shows that sales in pure electric vehicles in Beijing accounted for 98% of the share, which is due to plug-in models in the Beijing market is not a new energy vehicles caused by the policy is relatively loose Of Shanghai, plug the car model is accounted for 73% of the share of new energy vehicles. Have to say, compared with pure electric vehicles, plug-in models are not subject Temperature Sensor to mileage restrictions more competitive strength. But now speaking, pure electric vehicles occupy the main sales of new energy, and this has a shadow behind the policy.

  In the current domestic sales of new energy in the top ten provinces, in addition to Shanghai, the remaining nine provinces of pure electric vehicles are more than half of the share, the result behind the one hand is due to the rapid development of time-sharing leasing industry caused by market behavior , On the other hand the tendency of local policy is also an important reason for pure electric car sales. It is precisely because of the promotion of relevant policies, the domestic new energy market was showing pure consumption than mixed with the situation, coupled with the development of time-sharing leasing industry, making pure electric vehicle sales in pure electric micro-cars occupy a great Share. And the use of more convenient plug-in models were marginalized, as well as the lack of high-level new energy vehicles, on the one hand Speed Sensor  is due to the relatively limited new energy market caused by the other side also reflects the domestic new energy vehicle product strength is not Strong, which will become Tesla, Volkswagen, Daimler and a number of Chinese market eager to joint venture brand, to seize the domestic new energy market the best opportunity.

  JAC and Volkswagen, Daimler and Beiqi have signed a joint venture in the domestic production of new energy vehicles agreement, followed by Tesla will be domestic news is noisy uproar, many joint venture brands have tentacles into the domestic new energy market , While the domestic new energy market is in the policy 'seedlings grow' in the background, failed to achieve a breakthrough in the core technology areas, which makes many independent brands in this new energy battle is more and more passive situation.