Girls Jordan Shoes, the Jordan brand has been bringing sneaker enthusiasts a surprise every year with a release of new Air Jordans. Since these sneakers sell out in stores very quickly, finding Jordan 11s any given day can be a tough task. Because the original release of the Jordan 9s followed directly after the retirement of Michael Jordan and the Jordan 11s are one of the top selling products in the Jordan brand, this makes for a very tough decision when Jordan fans must choose between these rare shoes. Follow this guide explaining similarities and differences between Jordan 11s and Jordan 9s to help you make a decision on which to buy.
The Jordan 11 collection contains 41 different options of sneakers for men and women. On the opposite spectrum,Newest Jordans 2017 are only 27 different options of sneakers for men and women in the Jordan 9 collection. By beginning a pathway down the Jordan 9 collection, you are already at a disadvantage due to the lower number of shoes that appear in the collection, but you still might find a style that appeals to you most in it. Before selecting a collection, browse through both to get a general idea of what each collection offers.
In the Jordan 9 collection, the colors of the sneakers you find Cheap Jordans Online are a bit more toned down. In other words, the colors are more neutral, having various tones of gray, black, white, and blue. In the Jordan 11 collection, there are a variety of different colors, mostly for women, that give the shoe character.The Air Jordan 9 collection has a design that is more of a high top shoe. The sole of these Michael Jordan shoes provide support and traction and sport a miniature icon of the Michael Jordan slam dunk logo. There is also a large stitching of the number 23, Michael Jordan's number, on the back heel of the shoe. Interestingly enough, the company made the decision to place words in different languages on their shoes. Here is a chart that reveals some of those particular words.
In the Air Jordan 11 collection, the color selection for women includesJordan Sneakers 2017, citrus, pink, metallic, and more. For men, the Jordan 11 collection provides green snakeskin, metallic gold, cobalt, and bright red, among other colors. Depending on if you are going to wear your Jordans in a casual setting such as school or work, or somewhere else like on the basketball court or at the gym, your color preference might change. Consider choosing a more neutral color for casual settings, and going all out in a more athletic setting.