The greatest healers and teachers are the ones who have gone through their own personal challenges and learned how to heal themselves. 

After undergoing 17 surgeries for multiple cancers, even dying a couple of times, Juliee Renee Doering has experienced every kind of suffering you can imagine. From one diagnosis to anther, even being in a wheel chair and not being able to walk, her health challenges were the catalyst to drive her to discover the keys to self-healing. Because of the failure of western medicine to help her heal, Julie Renee’s health challenges persisted to the point of  surrender.  One day she realized she had suffered enough, so she went into her garden and spoke to the divine, “I had enough, I have been here and suffered enough.” Every day she pledged to herself to sit in her garden in prayer and meditation and said, “God take me or make me well, you promised me the Garden of Eden”.  She was living in hell with unbearable pain, experiencing multiple health crises.  

At one moment she envisioned her Master cell, a stem cell that she was able to watch go back into it’s perfect state. She has discovered the human blueprint from her own suffering.  She discovered that she was able to watch the cells regenerate in her own body. In the back of her mind she always knew she was here for a reason and through the process of  overcoming her own health crises, she discovered she had an incredible gift.  This incredible gift expanded so that she could access the quantum field healing modality. She also discovered that the body will regenerate, that we come with a system to grow younger and live hundreds of years. 

When she was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia, she was told she would be wheel chair bound for the rest of her life. By utilizing her new gifts, in a matter of weeks she was pain free and within six months she was back to marathon running. By focusing daily on her personal healing, accessing quantum energy, she was able to alter her DNA. This led to regenerating stem cells for more energy, momentum, clarity and focus.

In her new book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, Julie Renee Doering shares the process through simple steps to help transform your life. This book is a wellspring for the latest energetic healing modalities and processes to gain mastery over your own body/mind/spirit. 

Julie Renee is known as the #1 Brain Rejuvenator, speaker, author and master health activator. Her work is beyond words and her recent book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, is her latest opus for the keys to quantum healing. 

One of her VIP clients remarked, “It’s rare to meet someone so gifted and clear about who they are and what they are here to do on the planet. She’s bringing a unique body of work to the world that is an important contribution to humanity.” ~ Marci Shimoff, as seen in The Secret and author of four New York Times Best Selling Books.

In a recent interview with Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup Fame), she shared her discovery of brain rejuvenation. This process was actualized while mentoring ambitious leaders who refuse to play small but are struggling with fuzzy brain and exhaustion. She regenerates the brain by using the quantum field and their master cell, their stem cell from conception. In essence,  she helps them to use the human blueprint bringing it back into it’s full perfected state. 

She found that after three and a half months the brain is performing at 100% capacity. The quantum field is the actual field that surrounds our bodies and allows us to regenerate. The field is a complex property of space, yet the quantum field occurs in no time no space. She is able to work with people all over the world, not just in person. Our original human blueprint (stem cells) store our perfected body and perfected cells. By going to the original design, it is no longer a healing but an activation to bring 100% health back to physical reality. After living through life we have been scarred and taken off course, but accessing this original blueprint can reactivate that original blueprint. Even if you were born without it being perfect, the original blueprint has the perfected patterns and you can access this and bring it back into it’s perfected state. Julie Renee has also been successful in assisting people in bringing back body parts that were surgically removed. The master cell always exists so we can access this quantum field to align our cells with the original blueprint.

In the interview with Canfield, Julie explains, “The quantum field is the actual field that surrounds our bodies that is available to us, every person has it. It allows us to clear and regenerate. Quantum is in the field of science where there is "no time, no space". I can work with people in different countries and we get the same amazing results whether you're right here in person with me or you're somewhere in another country.” 

Because of the evolutionary leaps we are experiencing today in all aspects of our lives, gifted healers like Julie are reminding people that “we're meant to live hundreds of years, we're meant to live in great health, and really enjoy our lives.”

Jack said, “This is nothing short of miraculous” and he is excited to be working with Julie Renee to learn more about it. 

If you are passionate about growing younger, book a VIP day with Julie Renee. In this experience you will regenerate your brain, nervous system and clear programs and patterns preventing you from playing full out.  (Using both the Cell regeneration she refers to as Cellular Neo-Genesis, and the DNA reboot which allows the path for clearing difficult DNA patterns and activating your Divine Human Blueprint for your best patterns)

Check out her other books, 100% You, Your Divine Human Blueprint and Balance Your Life Now!

After attending the Berkley Psychic Institute and Asclepion Institute, Julie Renee has experience with hands on healing and clairvoyance as well as a degree for spiritual wellness. Her gifts and credentials and certifications span from healing massage,reflexology, Reiki Master, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, spiritual midwifery, infant massage, and even an Ordained Minister. Wouldn’t it be great if you and your future soul mate can work with Julie Renee to become aligned with your original blueprints and then get married?

With over 30 years experience supporting individuals and groups in Quantum health activations, from the high-risk pregnancy to the life-saving interventions with critically ill, she is a dynamic leader. As the founder and developer of a new spiritual science, 100% Healthy Human Blueprint. She is actively training individuals in her 100% You Immersion Program.

To find out more go to: and fill out the "100% You Assessment”. Order her latest book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, and give yourself a gift of working with her on a personal level. This book is so comprehensive, it covers a multitude of issues to clear so you can realign with your divine design. You will be drawn to her other books, which are also on the leading edge of wellness, wealth manifestation, balance,quantum healing secrets and becoming the master of your own life blueprint.

Julie Renee was called *the Most Gifted Healer on the Planet* by CEO Space Founder Bernie Dorman and "A Miracle Worker" by Actress and Media Trainer Barbara Niven. 

Here are some topics covered by Julie Renee’s books:

  • Quantum Rejuvenation Secrets:  Build New Cells, Rewrite Your DNA Script & Restore Balance & Joy to your Life, NOW
  • How to Heal Your Brain, Build New Cells, Rewrite Your DNA Script & Restore Balance & Joy to your Life, NOW!
  • Get Your Brain working at 100%. With a sharp memory you can stay focused all day long!
  • Grow YOUNGER. Feel like you are young again full of the energy you had in your teenage years
  • Have Happy Hormones. A great metabolism with steady energy and regulated mood all month long (special men’s track included)
  • Remove Negative DNA. Gain peace of mind by removing harmful heredity behavioral programming
  • Get out of Pain. Move from Pain and Suffering to Ease and Joy in the Physical, Emotion, Mental and Spiritual Bodies
  • Bring Love into your Life. Enjoy the feeling of being magnetic, attracting unending love without harmful attachments and bad karma
  • Julie Renee is the #1 Brain Rejuvenation expert, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Master Health Activator. Julie Renee mentors individuals who refuse to play small but are being held back by exhaustion and Fuzzy Brain.