You know I sit back and think. When I was a younger person everything was a ritual. I realized as I grew older I liked the plain every day girl/lady.

I finally figured out I want to see the real not fake person. I don't want a woman jumping through hoops with 2 tons of make up.

I want a lady that I know how she lives. Let her hair down, forget the make up and probably wear your jeans or sweat pants.

Let your guard down don't act like you think I want you to. Act like the person you are. Should we become a pair/couple you don't surprise me with a whole different personality and dress habits when we hangout.

I'm done at 52 with all the cologne and styles that are in fashion to chase ladies. I am single and just letting it flow. If I find somebody it's going to be as a casual situation and them "Being themselves".

God Bless you all and have a great evening.