What are  your favorite fictional works about the 'paranormal'...books, TV and/or movies. List just one each or a handful. Or 'anything by ____.'  (insert author, film-maker who-ever you feel most responsible for what's presented to the public).

We could even break into sub-categories---favorite 'afterlife' or ghost stories, favorite about telepathic communications.   

i'll start, but remember you can play with this...take it  to mean anything that could be an X-File (one of my favorite  TV shows ever---marathoned entire series this summer).  In print while I like some Steven King (Dream-Catcher, Lisey's Story) I've always preferred Dean R. Koontz.  While Koontz is a Christian, his books display a more open kind of spirituality and are usually more hopeful in the end than King's. Richard Matheson's later work like 'What Dreams May Come', which also became a favorite movie of mine.  And i'll use that to seque into movies:  'Dragonfly' I gets the subtlies of ADC (after death communications) from  loved ones more accurately than many such movies do.  'Stir of Echoes'  is pretty accurate about picking up on 'unknown to us' spirits.  And what I mean by 'stretching'---KPax.  Not a paranormal per se, but fits if you include the possibility of 'alien' life as covered by our  different kind of normal umbrella.  And this isn't even an 'Alien' movie of  the normal kind...more an exploration of the nature of reality.  And  the amazing power of the mind to find ways to cope.

Now, please...tell me yours, I know there's so much material out there...