Scheduling an entire summer’s worth of activities for your kids to do can be daunting. Parents want to keep their kids entertained and engaged, while also giving them a chance to enjoy their holiday and just have fun being a kid. The solution for everyone involved is kids summer camp, where campers days are filled with great activities, and where they can spend time having fun with their friends. St. Jude’s Academy summer camps are among the finest in the area, not just for our exciting daily schedule of activities, but because of one of our biggest draws: the field trips.

Field trips are a great way for kids to learn and gain new skills. Field trips are a fan-favourite among St. Jude’s Academy campers who look forward to our outings for weeks to come. Not only are field trips fun, but they hold a lot of educational value which parents can appreciate. The following are just some of the main benefits of field trips in school holiday camps for kids:

  • The chance to experience something new – Field trips often take kids off the beaten path of where they msy typically spend time. Whether it’s at the farm or another natural space like a local park or beach, or it’s at a fun-zone for kids like Playdium, mini golfing, or bowling, the opportunity to try something new or visit a new place is something that kids get very excited about and they will remember for years to come. Unlike some cheap summer camps, we have adequate resources at our fingertips to plan and execute some very exciting field trips.
  • Being able to take in the outside world – For young campers the transportation to and from the field trip destination is half the fun – riding a bus, sitting with a buddy, and focusing very hard on staying with the group are significant building blocks in a young child’s life. Older participants also benefit from a change in surroundings, and the chance to see the world as a camp participant gives them a viewpoint they may have not adopted before. Even within the city a child lives in, seeing the sights in a group environment provides kids with a new perspective on where they live. Students who attend summer boarding camps don’t have this particular opportunity to explore their own home town. For more details click here.

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